FileLocator Pro

Feature Comparison

Lite (free) Professional
+ Search Engine
+ Indexing
+ Office/PDF Support
+ Compressed Archives
+ Data Discovery
+ Reports &Exporting
+ Internationalization
+ Programmability
+ Advanced features 

Feature Details

Lite (free) Professional
Search Engine
Lightning fast multi-threaded C++ based search algorithms
Network drive searching using either mapped drives or UNC paths
Regular expression support on file name and content
Boolean style searching (AND, OR, NOT)
Enhanced performance tuning for Boolean searches
Extended Boolean operators (LIKE, NEAR, LINES, REGEX, DOSEX) [more]
Relative date/time searching (e.g. Today -2 days) [more]
Criteria can be dynamically loaded from text files
Exclude folders based on path or expression
Customizable memory manager to control memory usage over large searches
Multi-line regular expressions
Lite (free) Professional
Optional index search functionality for even faster searching [more]
Ability to create multiple user-defined indexes on data repositories
Share indexes over network drives
Lite (free) Professional
Office/PDF Support
IFilter powered searching
Bespoke Word/Excel text processors for improved accuracy
Outlook PST/MSG searching of emails, contacts and appointments (including attachments) [more]
Caching database for saving converted text for much faster searching [more]
OCR functionality to convert scanned documents or images into text [more]
Lite (free) Professional
Compressed Archives
ZIP, JAR, 7Z, RAR, TAR (and more) searching [more]
Found files can be extracted from archives using drag/drop or copy/paste
Lite (free) Professional
Data Discovery
Save/load commonly used search criteria
View text hits by file
Keyword hit coloring [more]
Save/load complete search results (inc. history)
Show surrounding lines
View whole file with highlighted hits and secondary searches [more]
Navigate back/forward through previous results
Narrow down searches using Search within Search and Search Again functionality
Thumbnail previews of images
Filter results with as-you-type column filters [more]
Favorite searches can be added for quick reference [more]
Lite (free) Professional
Reports &Exporting
Printing and print preview
Export results in Text and CSV
User customizable reports (columns, headers etc.) [more]
Bulk Copy to folder or ZIP file [more]
Export results in XML and HTML
Excel compliant CSV exports
Keywords reports (summary and by file) [more]
Custom export formats (based on XSL Transforms)
Lite (free) Professional
German, French, Spanish, Hindi, and Chinese translations of User Interface
German, French, and Chinese translations of help files
PDF foreign character support
Lite (free) Professional
Command line operation
Specific console app
.NET 4 class library
COM class library
Extend supported formats through COM plug-ins
User-defined file interpreters [more]
Lite (free) Professional
Advanced features
Alerts/Notifications on search events [more]
Search by file hash (MD5, SHA1/256/512)
Launch external editor at line (inc. Visual Studio)
OCR functionality to convert scanned documents or images into text [more]
Policies to control end-user functionality

Something missing? We ’ve tried to summarize all the features we think you ’ll be most interested in but if there ’s something missing please Contact Us .


Q . Hey, I ’m confused! It looks like FileLocator Pro and Agent Ransack are now the same product and it's just whether they are in Lite mode or Pro mode, is that right?

A . Yep, apart from the name they are both the same. Honestly, it ’s the same code. During the build process an automated script runs that locates all the FileLocator Pro branding and replaces it with Agent Ransack branding and then recompiles.

Q . That's a bit odd, why have two names?

A . It is a bit odd but maybe a short history of the product will help explain:

Apr 2000 - The first version of the product was released under the name Agent Ransack.
Apr 2003 - A Pro version of Agent Ransack was released under the name FileLocator Pro.
Mar 2010 - Due to the discomfort from some people over the name Agent Ransack an alternative rebranded version named FileLocator Lite is released.
May 2018 - FileLocator Pro adds a new feature that can downgrade itself to 'Lite' mode.
Sep 2019 - Agent Ransack adds a new feature so that it can upgrade itself to 'Pro' mode.

The end result is that we now have a single code base for the product, which is much easier to maintain, but two product names, which is potentially confusing. Over the next few years we'll carefully monitor the demand for both names and hopefully retire one eventually. If you'd like more information on the change please see this blog post.

Q . Does it matter which one I purchase for the Pro version?

A . No, the Pro license codes for FileLocator Pro and Agent Ransack are interchangable, ie you can use a FileLocator Pro license with Agent Ransack and vice-versa.

FileLocator Pro™ release history

2022 (3435)Bug fix release (3 Jun 2024)
  • Bug fix: Issue with file viewer causing application to close.
2022 (3434)Bug fix release (25 Apr 2024)
  • New: .one (OneNote) file support.
  • Bug fix: Index update was incorrectly re-indexing unchanged files.
  • Bug fix: Owner column was not showing results for folders.
  • Bug fix: Index Manager - Last refresh column was not sorting properly.
  • Other minor changes/fixes.
2022 (3425)Bug fix release (26 Feb 2024)
  • Bug fix: Indexing stuck in 'Analyzing' state when error occurs.
  • Bug fix: Anchored text in index search not highlighting correctly.
  • Bug fix: Zoomed text tab not displaying line numbers properly.
  • Other minor changes/fixes.
2022 (3420)Bug fix release (23 Jan 2024)
  • Improved List View scroll speed.
  • New policy DisableCrashReportSending to stop crash reports being sent to Mythicsoft.
  • Bug fix: Expression editor issue handling '\(' in regex.
  • Bug fix: Issue with Boolean expressions where only NOT specified.
  • Bug fix: Contents view out of sync with highlighted file when using TAB after rename.
2022 (3418)Bug fix release (22 Nov 2023)
  • Root archive file (eg now displays a list of contents in Text Tab.
  • Bug fix: Empty file warning was preventing file from appearing in result.
  • Revert (3416): Removed CET compatible setting due to issues with 3rd party modules.
2022 (3416)Bug fix release (8 Nov 2023)
  • New: DWG (CAD) file format support.
  • New: Word/PDF attachment searching.
  • Bug fix: Hits tab scrolling fix.
  • Bug fix: Crash when launching after Windows update.
  • Note: Windows 7 requires .NET 4.6 or higher for full functionality.
  • Other minor changes/fixes.
2022 (3406)Bug fix release (28 Aug 2023)
  • Bug fix: Image preview sometimes not working with OneDrive.
2022 (3405)Bug fix release (05 July 2023)
  • Added 'Last refresh' date to index list.
  • Text tab scrolls right to show more characters after a hit.
  • LastAccessedDate and CreatedDate added to .NET API.
  • Bug fix: Long path support for reading raw data from Office docs.
  • Bug fix: Lite mode report styles incorrectly shown as disabled.
  • Other minor changes/fixes.
2022 (3389)Bug fix release (27 Apr 2023)
  • Bug fix: Hits not displaying with case-sensitive index NEAR search.
  • Bug fix: Contents view not sized correctly.
  • Bug fix: Expression editor was incorrectly concatenating values.
2022 (3385)Bug fix release (18 Apr 2023)
  • New: Edit history option in History settings.
  • Bug fix: Index settings changes were not being saved if monitoring active.
  • Bug fix: Long running index updates could fail with 'This IndexWriter is closed'.
  • Bug fix: Column widths and views were not restoring properly.
  • Bug fix: PDF/OCR issues when document paths included non-ASCII characters.
  • Other minor changes/fixes.
2022 (3367)Bug fix release (6 Feb 2023)
  • Bug fix: Index searching with column filters was causing focus issue.
  • Bug fix: EXIF reading issues on some images.
  • Bug fix: Possible truncation of text with OCR on PDFs with text.
  • Other minor changes/fixes.
2022 (3366)Feature release (1 Feb 2023)
  • New: Bulk Copy now supports copying folders.
  • New: Single-instance mode (Shell Configuration).
  • Improved EXIF details for PNG and JPG files.
  • OCR page orientation detection.
  • Summary keyword report speed improvements.
  • Indexing can support larger documents.
  • Visual Studio 2022 supported as external editor.
  • Bug fix: Occassional index search delays between searches.
  • Bug fix: Docking/undocking window restore issues.
  • Bug fix: Context menu rename was not working.
  • Other minor changes/fixes.
2022 (3349)Bug fix release (16 Nov 2022)
  • Index OCR settings now stored separately per index.
  • Indexing summary added to Messages tab.
  • Bug fix: Intermittent crash with screen reading software.
  • Bug fix: Location filters incorrectly processing back slashes.
  • Bug fix: Index search 'unexpected error' fix.
  • Bug fix: Index monitor not detecting 'offline' location source at startup.
  • Other minor changes/fixes.
2022 (3341)Bug fix release (12 Sep 2022)
  • Updated OCR to Tesseract 5.2.
  • Bug fix: Large text settings too big for UI.
  • Bug fix: Indexer no longer overwrites index if data source unavailable.
  • Bug fix: Indexer wasn't using process priority settings.
  • Other minor changes/fixes.
2022 (3335)Bug fix release (6 July 2022)
  • New columns 'File name length' and 'Path length'.
  • Improved view state restore when switching between searches.
  • Bug fix: Index search highlighting for CN, JP, KR text.
  • Bug fix: EML file encodings for non-ASCII emails.
  • Bug fix: Column filters not working properly during search.
  • Other minor changes/fixes.
2022 (3326)Bug fix release (23 May 2022)
  • Note: Index logs moved to local device instead of index store folder.
  • New policies DisabledSearchPaths and AllowedSearchPaths to limit permitted search paths.
  • Added MOBI file support.
  • Improved index monitor network error recovery.
  • Bug fix: Context menu keyboard functionality fixed.
  • Bug fix: Occasional crash when using 'name:' prefix on Index Search.
  • Bug fix: Favorites list sort functionality fixed.
  • Other minor changes/fixes.
2022 (3314)Bug fix release (23 Mar 2022)
  • New column 'Last Saved By'.
  • Bug fix: Issue installing 32-bit portable version.
  • Bug fix: FR/ES issue with FILELIST.
  • Bug fix: Middle mouse button on tab was closing more than one tab.
  • Bug fix: Compressed archives locked until app closed.
  • Bug fix: Index monitor issue with archives and emails.
  • Bug fix: Phone searching, item selection issue.
  • Other minor fixes.
2022 (3307)Bug fix release (26 Feb 2022)
  • New columns Folder Depth, Product Version, File Version.
  • Improved filtering and sorting of 'complex' columns like Owner and Product Version.
  • Fixed issue exporting parent PST emails to a folder.
  • Fixed issue with indexing MSG files with ZIP attachments.
  • Fixed issue with searching open Word documents in Lite version.
  • Accessibility improvements with Hits tab.
  • New policy option to switch off crash reporting.
  • Other minor fixes.
2022 (3294)Bug fix release (08 Feb 2022)
  • Accessibility issue with File List fixed.
  • LIKE now working with index searches.
  • Improved index memory management for very large files.
  • DE language updates.
  • Restored sorting defaults for size and dates.
  • Other minor fixes.
2022 (3289)Bug fix release (19 Jan 2022)
  • Drop down list history issue fix.
  • Spinning wait cursor on 'more' context menu fix.
  • FR language updates.
  • Index real-time monitor fixes.
  • Other minor fixes.
2022 (3286)Bug fix release (14 Jan 2022)
  • Summary tab Zoom level not restoring properly.
  • Files incorrectly flagged as 'Partial Indexed'.
  • Added index monitor delay to avoid locking working files.
  • Right-click drag file fix.
  • Other minor fixes.
2022 (3283)Bug fix release (30 Dec 2021)
  • Possible crash when scrolling through thousands of results.
  • Search performance fix.
  • Search stats not always updated properly.
  • Other minor fixes.
2022 (3278)Bug fix release (15 Dec 2021)
  • Installer issue updating previous installation fixed.
  • Help file localization improvements.
  • Increased size of some dialog fields.
2022 (3277)Major Release (11 Dec 2021)
  • Full Release Announcement
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) functionality
  • New visual themes (including a Dark theme)
  • Improved indexing functionality
  • Automatic index update scheduler
  • Index groups
  • Many other improvements and bug fixes
2021 BETAMajor release (12 Aug 2021)
8.5 (2951)Bug fix release (20 Nov 2020)
  • Reduced background CPU usage when idle
  • Improved parsing of MBOX/EML date time format.
  • Improved SearchTask recovery if 3rd party IFilter causes problems.
  • Bug fix: "A required resource was unavailable" error when lots of search terms (> 10,000) specified.
  • Bug fix: Relative date/time searching issues with FR/ES/NL languages.
  • Minor fixes/improvements
8.5 (2947)Bug fix release (19 Aug 2020)
  • Additional installer flags /regdetails /langfile /ui
  • Bug fix: Exporting index based searches much faster if content not required.
  • Minor fixes/improvements
8.5 (2946)Bug fix release (29 May 2020)
  • Japanese translation (beta).
  • Bug fix: Keyword summary report not displaying empty keywords properly.
  • Minor fixes/improvements
8.5 (2944)Bug fix release (30 Jan 2020)
  • Bug fix: OneDrive folders not searching properly.
  • Bug fix: Numeric column filters not working with '<' directive.
  • Bug fix: UI sometimes becomes unresponsive when using Index Searching and column filters.
  • Minor fixes/improvements
8.5 (2941)Bug fix release (20 Jan 2020)
  • Bug fix: Index searching reporting errors with some queries
  • Bug fix: Portable device searching not filtering sub folders correctly
  • Minor fixes/improvements
8.5 (2938)Bug fix release (4 Dec 2019)
  • Indexing speed improvements
  • Bug fix: occasional index crash
8.5 (2936)Bug fix release (20 Nov 2019)
  • Bug fix: Printing issue
8.5 (2934)Bug fix release (17 Nov 2019)
  • Bug fix: Missing installation files for Win 10
8.5 (2933)Bug fix release (14 Nov 2019)
  • Folders are now sorted ahead of files.
  • Bug fix: LIKE not highlighting correctly for Index searches
  • Bug fix: Environment variables not working with Lite version
  • Bug fix: Shell Integration configuration issues, ie settings were not showing correctly in the user interface
  • Bug fix: .NET library exception.
  • Various language updates.
8.5 (2929)Bug fix release (18 Sep 2019)
  • Improved performance of hits tab for large results.
  • Minor improvements/fixes.
8.5 (2912)Bug fix release (3 June 2019)
  • Added folder searching for attached mobile devices.
  • Improved: Double-clicking to launch default application.
8.5 (2910)Bug fix release (7 May 2019)
  • Improved error reporting when searching password protected archives.
  • Double-clicking on folder should launch registered ‘Explorer’.
  • Bug fix: Issue with displaying results for index searches in the form: NOT (term NEAR term2).
  • Bug fix: IFilter searching not working when files locked.
8.5 (2904)Bug fix release (4 Apr 2019)
  • Bug fix: Occasional crash with index search and Reports Tab.
  • Bug fix: Occasional crash with large searches left running in background.
  • Bug fix: Issue exporting result list with .NET run-time engine.
8.5 (2901)Bug fix release (13 Mar 2019)
  • Bug fix: Indexer incorrectly including additional files.
  • Bug fix: Lite version not reading Office documents properly.
8.5 (2900)Bug fix release (8 Mar 2019)
  • Bug fix: Searching standalone MSG files with lots of attachments issue.
  • Bug fix: Lite registration code verification issue.
  • Bug fix: Unable to re-import some MSG files exported from Outlook.
8.5 (2897)Bug fix release (5 Mar 2019)
  • New ‘Imply boundary marker’ DOS expression option to control searching when extension specified.
  • Bug fix: Short-cut handling issues.
  • Bug fix: Email attachment naming issue.
  • Bug fix: Unable to re-import some MSG files exported from Outlook.
8.5 (2889)Bug fix release (4 Feb 2019)
  • Bug fix: Include file/folder name in content search settings not working properly.
8.5 (2888)Bug fix release (16 Jan 2019)
  • Bug fix: Searching of both message body and attachments not working with stand-alone .eml and .msg files.
  • Updated French translation.
8.5 (2887)Bug fix release (11 Jan 2019)
  • Updated Dutch translation.
8.5 (2886)Bug fix release (29 Dec 2018)
  • File short-cut searching now defaults to OFF (speeds up search times).
  • Bug fix: Preview not working with .eml and .msg files.
8.5 (2883)Bug fix release (21 Dec 2018)
  • Reducing load times on workspace files.
  • Bug fix: Temp files not deleting until app closed.
  • Bug fix: Short-cut link searching issues.
8.5 (2881)Bug fix release (14 Dec 2018)
  • Bug fix: Files disappearing from list after context menu operation.
  • Bug fix: Invalid ‘Update required’ message for updated indexes.
8.5 (2880)Bug fix release (10 Dec 2018)
  • Bug fix: Improved error messages for invalid formats
  • Bug fix: Issue searching archives within .lnk short-cuts.
  • Bug fix: Issue with adding new index when default folder read-only.
  • Other minor improvements and fixes
8.5 (2878)Minor release (28 Nov 2018)
  • Added Portable Device searching (eg. phone/tablet)
  • Bug fix: Lite mode crash with ‘<no language>’ error
  • Warning: Support for Windows Vista dropped
8.5 (2875)Bug fix release (23 Nov 2018)
  • Added Dutch translation
  • Added Turkish translation
  • Bug fix: Issue reloading saved searches
8.5 (2874)Bug fix release (15 Nov 2018)
  • IFilter crash protection functionality
  • Bug fix: Removed external resources from local help
  • Bug fix: DE and IT language file improvements
8.5 (2868)Bug fix release (5 Nov 2018)
  • Bug fix: French translation issue
8.5 (2862)Bug fix release (1 Nov 2018)
  • Bug fix: Font spacing in Summary tab issue
  • Bug fix: Command line indexer ‘quit’ shutdown issue
  • Bug fix: ‘Invalid index’ error shown in Index Manager when lots of indexes added
8.5 (2858)Feature release (24 Oct 2018)
  • Added Thunderbird MBOX searching
  • Added File name matching to Persistent Search Filters
  • Document Preview option added to Preview (Thumbnails) tab
  • Bug fix: Erroneous ‘Empty file’ warnings.
  • Bug fix: Temp folder settings were being ignored
  • Other minor improvements and fixes
8.4 (2840)Bug fix release (28 June 2018)
  • Added Folder and file short-cut (.lnk files) searching
  • Circular reference protection for short-cuts and symbolic links
  • Bug fix: Portable installation was not accepting user registration correctly
  • Bug fix: Expand All was missing from Hits tab menu
  • Bug fix: Tab title was not always updating when criteria changed
  • Other minor improvements and fixes
8.4 (2832)Bug fix release (15 June 2018)
  • Bug fix: Missing XML, HTML export options from drop down list
  • Bug fix: Localization for FR and DE incorrectly sets up Program Files and Windows default search filters.
  • Bug fix: Other minor fixes
8.4 (2831)Bug fix release (4 June 2018)
  • Bug fix: Allow exported MSGs with embedded MSGs to be re-imported back into Outlook
8.4 (2830)Bug fix release (22 May 2018)
  • Privacy policy link added to About Box
  • Bug fix: ‘Empty file’ warning was not showing
  • Bug fix: Favorites listing was impacted by persistent filters
8.4 (2823)Feature release (14 May 2018)
  • Ability to switch to ‘Lite’ mode without installing separate product
  • Now searches PDF protected content
  • Regex expression naming, eg REGEX:ssn “\d{3}-?\d{2}-?\d{4}”
  • Additional indexing performance settings
  • Improved temp folder clear up on closing
  • Other minor improvements and fixes
8.2 (2766)Bug fix release (21 Feb 2018)
  • Indexing improvements for frequently updated indexes
  • Bug fix: Caching was sometimes not working properly for custom extensions
  • Other minor updates/fixes
8.2 (2764)Bug fix release (7 Feb 2018)
  • Faster loading of index list
  • New custom interpreter macro $(InputLongPathFile) to reference long path format
  • Command line apps now return error codes if critical errors reported
  • Bug fix: Bulk copy to folder failing on some paths
  • Bug fix: Index drop down list resizing issue
  • Other minor updates/fixes
8.2 (2761)Bug fix release (2 Feb 2018)
  • Additional columns added including Author and Owner
  • New -remove switch for flpidx to remove a reference to an existing index
  • Bug fix: Index list sort order now defaults to name
  • Bug fix: Tab title not refreshing when Search Again on index searches
  • Bug fix: Possibly crash when refreshing favorites
  • Other minor updates/fixes
8.2 (2755)Bug fix release (24 Jan 2018)
  • Index search UI now defaults using command line parameters
  • New -addref switch for flpidx to add reference to an existing index
  • Better text conversion for RTF Outlook messages
  • Bug fix: Added config files for DOTM and XLTM
  • Bug fix: Show error message if rename fails due to locked file
  • Bug fix: Split lines warning unnecessary in many cases
  • Bug Fix: MSG file searching missing attachments if one or more attachments had been deleted
  • Bug fix: Outlook message searching now replaces forward and back slashes in subject with dashes
  • Bug fix: Outlook RTF messages were not always exporting to MSG correctly
  • Bug fix: Look In expression handling was not working properly
  • Other minor updates/fixes
8.2 (2751)Bug fix release (22 Nov 2017)
  • Bug fix: ZIP files date/time fix (again).
  • Bug fix: Warning when very long lines have been split.
8.2 (2747)Bug fix release (18 Nov 2017)
  • Bug fix: Overwriting favourites error message fixed.
  • Bug fix: FR, DE language issues.
  • Bug fix: ZIP files date/time DST fix.
  • Bug fix: Fortran highlighting issue.
8.2 (2744)Bug fix release (3 Oct 2017)
  • Bug fix: Open favorite in new tab now working.
  • Bug fix: Some 3rd party editors, eg. Sublime, could not handle long path format, now defaults to standard format.
  • Bug fix: Secondary searches in Text tab highlighting issue.
  • Bug fix: Improved memory management on large criteria searches.
8.2 (2741)Bug fix release (20 Sep 2017)
  • Bug fix: Installation issue with 2740.
8.2 (2740)Bug fix release (18 Sep 2017)
  • Bug fix: Look In expressions not working with UNC paths.
  • Bug fix: Unresponsive UI when network path resolution is slow.
8.2 (2739)Bug fix release (21 Aug 2017)
  • Bug fix: German translation issue affecting Boolean expressions.
8.2 (2738)Bug fix release (16 Aug 2017)
  • Bug fix: Thumbnails and file icons not loading properly.
8.2 (2737)Feature release (14 Aug 2017)
  • Long path name support.
  • Bug fix: Multi-line regex failing on very long lines.
  • Bug fix: FR, DE language file improvements.
8.2 (2736)Bug fix release (6 June 2017)
  • Bug fix: Error message if remember sort switched off.
  • Bug fix: Column settings not saving properly.
8.2 (2735)Feature release (25 May 2017)
  • Columns can be switched on/off and more column options added.
  • Multi-threaded indexing for faster indexing.
  • Index search optimizations.
  • Index search improved handling of underscores and hyphens.
  • HTML Reports export keywords in colour.
  • Bug fix: Criteria window resizing issue.
  • Bug fix: Match case not working properly with indexes.
  • Bug fix: Location field drawing issues.
  • Bug fix: Indexing now supports NOT NEAR.
  • Other minor improvements.
8.1 (2722)Bug fix release (23 Mar 2017)
  • Generate Error Report option added to Index Manager.
  • Bug fix: Context menu icon not appearing on 32-bit apps on 64-bit OS.
  • Bug fix: Truncated data when loading entries from drop downs.
  • Bug fix: Crash with print preview.
  • Bug fix: Language file fixes.
  • Bug fix: Ctrl+F setting preserved during upgrade procedure.
8.1 (2719)Bug fix release (18 Mar 2017)
  • Bug fix: Index searched email attachments not showing MSG parent in path.
  • Bug fix: -idxpath command line option ignored if SRF file was also specified.
  • Bug fix: Multi-folder persistent search filter editing issue.
8.1 (2714)Bug fix release (13 Mar 2017)
  • Support for Visual Studio 2017.
  • Bug fix: File presets not working properly.
8.1 (2713)Bug fix release (2 Mar 2017)
  • Bug fix: Alt + Down arrow not working properly on main drop down list boxes.
8.1 (2712)Minor release (1 Mar 2017)
  • New expression editor to help work with large keyword lists.
  • Command line supports index searching with new -idxname or -idxpath switches.
  • Command line supports index criteria SRF files.
  • Bug fix: Indexer was not correctly reporting out of space errors.
  • Bug fix: Indexer was not properly including non-content files.
  • Digital signatures now using SHA-256.
  • Other minor improvements.
8.1 (2702)Minor release (30 Jan 2017)
  • File lists now supported with index searches.
  • File types can now be excluded in indexing setup.
  • Bug fix: Incorrectly showing hits for terms not directly involved in matching line.
  • Bug fix: USB installer now includes API files for all versions of Windows.
  • Bug fix: List view not redrawing properly after deleting files.
  • Other minor improvements.
8.1 (2697)Minor release (14 Jan 2017)
  • Option to switch off search-as-you-type in the Text tab.
  • New warning if file does not contain searchable text.
  • Bug fix: Possible crash when filtering large list of items.
  • Bug fix: Index search unable to cancel certain searches.
  • Bug fix: Icons not displaying in drop-down list.
  • Other minor improvements.
8.1 (2695)Minor release (22 Dec 2016)
  • Faster list loading for large searches (ie more than 50,000 files).
  • Location filters now applied to root locations not just sub folders.
  • Forward slashes and multiple back slashes in paths normalized.
  • Bug fix: Searching for “*” in Boolean expression now works properly.
  • Bug fix: Very large lines on multi-line regex could cause crash.
  • Bug fix: Search stats on reports not displaying correctly if run from command line.
  • Other minor improvements.
8.1 (2682)Minor release (29 Nov 2016)
  • Index sizes significantly reduced (sometimes over 50% smaller).
  • More details added to indexing error messages.
  • Bug fix: Icons not displaying in error list window.
  • Bug fix: Drop downs in Reports Tab failing to open after a resize.
  • Other minor improvements.
8.1 (2680)Minor release (18 Oct 2016)
  • Bug fix: French language fixes.
  • Bug fix: Crash when changing criteria type during search.
  • Bug fix: Rare crash when search had finished.
  • Bug fix: Case-sensitive search caused issues when switching to indexed search.
  • Bug fix: Missing icons for portable installation.
8.1 (2677)Minor release (6 Oct 2016)
  • Support for high DPI settings.
  • Bug fix: Include file name and folder name in content search was not working with PST searches.
8.0 (2672)Minor release (22 Sept 2016)
  • Bug fix: Would not start on some versions of Windows.
8.0 (2671)Minor release (20 Sept 2016)
  • Significant memory usage improvements when searching large PST/OST files.
  • Bug fix: Memory leak in PST/OST searching.
  • Bug fix: Translation improvements.
  • Other minor improvements.
8.0 (2669)Minor release (04 Sept 2016)
  • Bug fix: Copying report to clipboard issue fixed.
  • Bug fix: Launching Explorer failed on some systems.
  • Bug fix: Registration information was not always saving properly.
  • Bug fix: Translation improvements.
8.0 (2668)Minor release (15 July 2016)
  • New flpidx command line options for creating indexes.
  • New COM components for searching indexes.
  • Bug fix: flpsearch -ofxlst XSLT processing now works properly.
  • Bug fix: MSG attachments embedded within MSG files can now be indexed.
  • Bug fix: Other small fixes.
8.0 (2664)Bug fix release (7 July 2016)
  • Bug fix: Issues with single threaded searching through compressed files.
  • Bug fix: Unnecessary memory allocations on large searches.
  • Bug fix: PDF Page numbering issues.
  • Bug fix: PHP Styling issues.
  • Bug fix: Report generating issues with large fields.
  • Bug fix: Other small fixes.
8.0 (2661)Bug fix release (28 June 2016)
  • Bug fix: ‘Invalid Index’ issue with Chinese version of Windows.
8.0 (2659)Bug fix release (22 June 2016)
  • Bug fix: Possible crash when searching large list of terms.
  • Bug fix: Improved handling of invalid configuration files.
8.0 (2658)Bug fix release (21 June 2016)
  • Bug fix: Possible crash when searching large list of terms.
  • Bug fix: Other small fixes.
8.0 (2657)Bug fix release (9 June 2016)
  • Bug fix: PDF text formatting/speed issues.
  • Bug fix: Word/Excel searching issues when FipsAlgorithmPolicy set
8.0 (2656)Bug fix release (26 May 2016)
  • Transparent context menu icon.
  • Updated alert dialog display.
  • Bug fix: Better handling of non-conformant ZIP files.
  • Bug fix: 7-zip updated to version 16.02.
  • Bug fix: Quoted index searching problem.
8.0 (2654)Bug fix release (12 May 2016)
  • Security fix: 7-zip updated to version 16.00 due to vulnerabilities in UDF and HFS handlers.
  • Bug fix: 7z solid archive searching issue.
8.0 (2653)Bug fix release (11 May 2016)
  • .NET class library and SDK documentation updated for index searching.
  • Option to switch off search-as-you-type index searching.
  • Bug fix: IFilter types now included for Index ‘Documentation’ category.
  • Bug fix: Index can now handle Unicode paths for index store.
  • Bug fix: Issues relating to using .NET library in ASP.NET fixed.
  • Bug fix: Keyword reports for multi-line regex searches now concatenates multi-line matches.
  • Bug fix: Multi-line Regex and Fuzzy search now work with File Lists and missing help dialog resource fixed.
  • Bug fix: Search-as-you-type suppressed if invalid expression entered.
  • Other small fixes.
8.0 (2651)Bug fix release (22 Apr 2016)
  • Install folder now defaults to previous location.
  • Bug fix: File icons sometimes incorrect when sorted.
  • Bug fix: Bulk Export report not always loading properly.
  • Bug fix: Shell integration issues when using standard user with no elevation privileges.
  • Bug fix: UI sizing issues with MDI mode and maximized frames.
8.0 (2648)Bug fix release (15 Apr 2016)
  • Additional menu options and help information for indexing.
  • Bug fix: Deleting items causing selection issues with other items in list.
  • Bug fix: Sort order now saved/restored with SRF criteria files.
  • Bug fix: Reduced flicker when changing between criteria types.
8.0 (2646)Bug fix release (11 Apr 2016)
  • Installer logging option.
  • Force empty folder for new index store.
  • Bug fix: Binary file warning notification.
  • Bug fix: Paging issue in hits tab.
  • Other small fixes.
8.0 (2643)Bug fix release (7 Apr 2016)
  • Bug fix: Allow mixed/upper case registration codes.
  • Bug fix: Use .NET 4 if .NET 2 not installed.
8.0 (2642)Major Release (6 Apr 2016)
Full Release Announcement

  • New indexing feature
  • Customizable keyword coloring
  • Multi-line Regex functionality
  • Custom EXE interpreters
  • Sticky column sort order
  • Console flpsearch.exe app
  • Search threads monitoring window
  • Improved content searching algorithm
  • Stability improvements for Word and Excel searching
  • Many other improvements and bug fixes
7.5 (2114)Bug fix release (21 Feb 2016)
  • Bug fix: DLL issue with Portable version.
7.5 (2113)Bug fix release (9 Feb 2016)
  • Bug fix: .NET Core library fixes.
  • (Beta) Console app for command line searches.
7.5 (2109)Bug fix release (16 Oct 2015)
  • Bug fix: Background color made more consistent across different tabs.
  • Bug fix: Boolean ? wildcard not working when used mid-word on last word on line.
7.5 (2107)Bug fix release (5 Aug 2015)
  • Bug fix: Exported .MSG files can now be re-imported into Outlook.
  • Bug fix: GDI handle usage.
7.5 (2104)Bug fix release (10 July 2015)
  • OST (2013) format support
  • PST/OST speed improvements
  • Bug fix: Email size now includes size of any attachments.
  • Bug fix: ‘Text Search’ search was behaving like ‘Deep Search’ if raw data search was checked.
7.5 (2101)Bug fix release (16 June 2015)
  • Improved exporting of corrupt PST items
  • Bug fix: Crash when loading saved workspaces/sessions
7.5 (2099)Bug fix release (07 June 2015)
  • Bug fix: Corrupt PST file could cause program to crash
7.5 (2097)Bug fix release (02 June 2015)
  • – Bug fix: Directly specifying multiple archive within archive paths ignoring some files
7.5 (2096)Bug fix release (29 May 2015)
  • Batch copy can continue if corrupt files found
  • Better handling of corrupt configuration files
  • Bug fix: Dock below/right wasn’t working
7.5 (2094)Bug fix release (19 May 2015)
  • Bug fix: Various Look In field issues when working with large folder lists
  • Additional logging on core operations
7.5 (2092)Bug fix release (04 May 2015)
  • Bug fix: PDF searching on non-ASCII file names
  • Bug fix: Opening folder when batch file of same name exists
  • Bug fix: Changes to default folders were being reset when upgrading
  • Other minor enhancements/bug fixes.
7.5 (2085)Bug fix release (26 Mar 2015)
  • Bug fix: Solid archive extraction fixes
  • Bug fix: Invalid pending count fix
  • Minor DE language changes
7.5 (2082)Bug fix release (9 Feb 2015)
  • Bulk Copy – gracefully handle moved files/containers
  • Bug fix: Handle JAR files with unusual ZIP format
7.5 (2077)Bug fix release (2 Dec 2014)
  • Email MSG exporting should now produce identical hashes for the same email
  • Bug fix: Printing on some reports not working
7.5 (2076)Bug fix release (24 Nov 2014)
  • Improved MSG searching speed.
7.5 (2074)Bug fix release (11 Nov 2014)
  • Bug fix: Date/times now handle DST properly.
  • Bug fix: Missing icons in portable build.
  • Bug fix: Summary report error message.
  • Bug fix: Multi-folder button not working on Persistent Filters.
7.5 (2071)Bug fix release (30 Oct 2014)
  • Bug fix: Crash when clearing all search locations in multi-folder dialog and then clicking OK.
  • Bug fix: Crash when file type column is shown before file name column.
7.5 (2070)Bug fix release (22 Oct 2014)
  • New EPUB searching.
  • Bug fix: Saving favorites on network folders using UNC paths not working.
  • Bug fix: Copying error list to clipboard issue.
  • Bug fix: Occasional crash when viewing file while search still running.
7.5 (2067)Bug fix release (9 Oct 2014)
  • Bug fix: Cache module could crash under edge case scenarios.
  • Bug fix: Options not remembered if Load Last Search was switched off.
  • CN language mistakes.
7.5 (2064)Feature release (26 Sep 2014)
  • Native .msg file exporting for PST and MSG email searches.
  • New Bulk Copy feature.
  • Errors/Warnings information on Summary tab.
  • New license options Technician and Floating.
  • New UTF-8 auto-detect feature for files without BOM.
  • Bug fix: Search within search lists no longer limited on size.
  • Other minor enhancements/bug fixes.
7.2 (2042)Bug fix release (23 Apr 2014)
  • Bug fix: NEAR combined with AND and OR sub expressions sometimes failing to return valid results.
7.2 (2041)Bug fix release (14 Apr 2014)
  • Bug fix: Searching for ‘<?’ caused infinite search.
  • Bug fix: Font issues after changing display settings.
7.2 (2038)Performance release (28 Mar 2014)
  • Significant performance improvements for all content searches but especially Boolean and Whole word expression types.
  • Windows 8.x compatibility improvements.
  • File name truncation options for Contents View and new truncation options for File List View.
  • User selection when multiple versions of Visual Studio installed
  • Containing text script can now work without Containing text value.
  • Double-click divider to size to max column width.
  • Middle mouse button to close tab.
  • Bug fix: Failed search not clearing results properly.
  • Bug fix: Browse for folder not starting from current path.
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes
7.1 (2031)Bug fix release (20 Jan 2014)
  • ‘Text Search’ default instead of ‘Deep Search’ for Document Searching.
  • Boolean search performance improvements.
  • Bug fix: NEAR operator not working properly when combined with OR
  • Bug fix: Closing app when minimized causes problems when re-starting.
  • Bug fix: Regular expression error messages not showing properly.
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes
7.0 (2028)Bug fix release (27 Nov 2013)
  • MSI installer now accepts LANG_FILE variable to default UI localization language.
  • Bug fix: Highlighting issues with DBCS code page files.
  • Bug fix: COM and .NET component issues.
7.0 (2025)Bug fix release (19 Nov 2013)
  • Bug fix: PDF searching not working on some systems.
7.0 (2024)Bug fix release (18 Nov 2013)
  • Improved number column formatting in Reports
  • HTML Report highlighting of hits.
  • Progress 4GL syntax highlighting.
  • COM and .NET component library enhancements for extracting items.
  • Bug fix: Double-click on PST hits now opens file properly.
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes
7.0 (2023)Bug fix release (25 Oct 2013)
  • Option to hide tabs in Contents View
  • Bug fix: Help for file name presets was showing ‘Resource unavailable’.
  • Bug fix: COM component library fixes.
  • Bug fix: Deep search not always searching raw binary data.
7.0 (2020)Bug fix release (18 Oct 2013)
  • NEAR operator can take optional distance value, e.g. word1 NEAR:10 word2
  • NEAR distance configuration can now be lowered to 1.
  • Bug fix: Saving sessions with binary data could cause invalid characters to be exported rendering session file unloadable.
7.0 (2018)Bug fix release (16 Oct 2013)
  • Bug fix: Large line truncation bug causing problems loading sessions/workspaces.
7.0 (2017)Bug fix release (11 Oct 2013)
  • Audio file searching (MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG and more).
  • Image searching (JPG, PNG, TIF, and BMP).
  • Search time added back to frame.
  • Bug fix: Archive within archive item extraction failure.
  • Bug fix: Loading favourites not clearing previous results.
  • Bug fix: Cache hang issue on large files.
7.0 (2015)Bug fix release (02 Oct 2013)
  • Explore Here now highlights selected items in folder.
  • Bug fix: Context menu not working when multiple items in different folders selected.
  • Bug fix: File presets missing from portable install.
  • Bug fix: Switching between ZIP IFilter and composite folder now working.
7.0 (2013)Bug fix release (27 Sep 2013)
  • Bug fix: Open criteria bug on Win XP.
  • Bug fix: Session/Workspace loading issue for some regex type searches.
  • Bug fix: Hits tab not automatically selected when files selected.
7.0 (2010)Bug fix release (26 Sep 2013)
  • Bug fix: Rename not working properly.
  • Bug fix: Save criteria problem when in Reports tab.
7.0 (2008)Major Release (24 Sep 2013)
Full Release Announcement

  • New document caching feature
  • Results can now be saved and re-imported using workspaces and sessions
  • New Reports functionality
  • New dedicated Excel/Word text conversion
  • Filter results using Column Filters
  • Quickly launch new search using Search Again
  • File name presets
  • New LINES operator to restrict expressions to specific lines
  • Exclude binary files option
  • Improved PDF foreign language conversion
  • Other improvements and bug fixes
6.5 (1364)Bug fix release (14 Aug 2013)
  • Chinese language support (including help file translation).
  • Bug fix: Strict DOS boundary limiting.
6.5 (1358)Bug fix release (31 May 2013)
  • Improved context menu support.
  • Bug fix: Open criteria dialog not including *.srf filter.
6.5 (1357)Bug fix release (20 May 2013)
  • Bug fix: Slow searching and excessive memory consumption with DOC IFilter based searches on very large files.
6.5 (1355)Bug fix release (24 Apr 2013)
  • Improved PDF conversion.
  • Bug fix: Minor French language changes.
6.5 (1349)Bug fix release (15 Apr 2013)
  • Bug fix: Shift drag/drop was copying and not moving files.
  • Bug fix: Right-click drag/drop was not behaving properly.
6.5 (1348)Bug fix release (15 Mar 2013)
  • Bug fix: Shift + Del was not working for file deletion.
  • Bug fix: Text based .msg files will now be searched properly.
  • Bug fix: Two user messages not displaying properly.
6.5 (1346)Bug fix release (11 Feb 2013)
  • DOS Expression added to list of Look In expression types.
  • Bug fix: Large PST email folders not listing all contents.
  • Bug fix: Corrupted PST email attachments could crash application.
6.5 (1345)Bug fix release (10 Jan 2013)
  • Bug fix: Problem copying large number of files from PST/compressed archives fixed.
6.5 (1344)Bug fix release (8 Jan 2013)
  • Bug fix: MSI now picks up reg details if run with /quiet switch.
6.5 (1341)Bug fix release (20 Dec 2012)
  • Bug fix: Favorites now open sorted by description.
  • Bug fix: External editor ‘question’ missing buttons.
  • Bug fix: FileLocator Pro modal in Shell operations.
  • Bug fix: Update check now reports errors if problems occur.
6.5 (1338)Bug fix release (3 Dec 2012)
  • Minor: -ol command line switch optimizations
6.5 (1337)Bug fix release (30 Nov 2012)
  • New command line option ‘-oa’ to append results to output file
  • New command line option ‘-oe?’ to specify output encoding
  • New command line option ‘-ol [max]’ to restrict maximum output lines per file
  • New command line option ‘-ofxslt [file]’ to format output using custom (XSLT) format
  • Bug fix: -resetui was not working.
  • Bug fix: Containing text was cutting off text over 1,000 characters.
  • Bug fix: French language update.
  • Other minor updates/fixes.
6.5 (1324)Bug fix release (21 Nov 2012)
  • Bug fix: Some language files missing on portable install version.
6.5 (1323)Bug fix release (15 Nov 2012)
  • Bug fix: DOS Expression NOT: now works with File Lists.
  • Bug fix: xpdfrc customization settings now accepted with PDF converting.
6.5 (1321)Feature release (9 Nov 2012)
  • User interface available in French and German.
  • Real-time memory compacting for large searches.
  • New export format ‘Tab (spreadsheet)’.
  • Enhanced DOS Expression functionality.
  • Improved viewing of HTML based PST/MSG messages.
  • Improved crash reporting.
  • Other minor updates/fixes.
6.2 (1271)Bug fix release (25 Sep 2012)
  • Bug fix: Memory management improvements.
  • Bug fix: Improved Unicode searching (especially Chinese characters).
6.2 (1269)Bug fix release (18 Sep 2012)
  • Bug fix: Auto-threading and multi-phase search settings not saving properly.
  • Bug fix: Improved threading clean-up code.
6.2 (1266)Bug fix release (24 Aug 2012)
  • Attachment information now included in MSG/PST message text.
  • File name word wrapping in Hits tab for non-content searches.
  • Warning if attempt to overwrite Favorite when saving search criteria.
  • Improved memory management if failures occur during search.
  • Bug fix: CSV export was not working if only file name selected.
6.2 (1263)Bug fix release (14 Aug 2012)
  • Bug fix: PST (and other composite type) files with very long names could cause crash in thumbnail view or during drag-drop operation.
6.2 (1260)Bug fix release (7 Aug 2012)
  • Crash reporting feature.
  • Improved CSV export.
  • Bug fix: Text tab now opens at correct position in file.
  • Bug fix: Text tab intermittent redrawing issues on x64.
  • Bug fix: Intermittent hanging issue when cancelling archive search.
  • Other minor updates/fixes.
6.2 (1254)Bug fix release (3 July 2012)
  • Bug fix: DOS Expression was not conforming to standard.
  • Bug fix: PST attachments now always display long names when available.
6.2 (1252)Feature release (June 29 2012)
  • PST email attachment searching.
  • MSG searching, including attachments.
  • Improved user feedback when extracting from archives.
  • Locations filters can specify unique expression type.
  • Internal viewer user-defined TAB size.
  • Bug fix: Favourites window now remembers column widths.
  • Bug fix: File list keyboard sync issue.
  • Bug fix: PgUp and PgDwn in Hits View issue.
  • Bug fix: Thumbnail view drag/drop sync issue.
  • Bug fix: Clear History was not clearing all history.
  • Bug fix: Date/time 00:00:00 formatting issue.
  • Other minor updates/fixes.
6.0 (1236)Bug fix release (Nov 1 2011)
  • Bug fix: Text tab was not working with Outlook PST emails or compressed files.
6.0 (1235)Bug fix release (Oct 28 2011)
  • Portable installer available to install on USB drives or other locations without requiring Administrator privileges.
  • Bug fix: Containing text field no longer limited to 1024 characters.
  • Bug fix: Column widths can be set much larger and still remembered on re-start.
6.0 (1234)Bug fix release (Sep 30 2011)
  • List view synchronized with selection changes in Text tab.
  • Bug fix: Ctrl+A not working properly in Text tab.
  • Bug fix: Changes to Expert user selection were not being saved.
  • Bug fix: Corrupt zip files could cause crash.
  • Other minor updates/fixes.
6.0 (1230)Bug fix release (July 18 2011)
  • Bug fix: Internal Viewer secondary search formatting issues.
6.0 (1228)Bug fix release (July 08 2011)
  • Bug fix: Syntax highlighing issues with some languages (inc. VB, Fortran, RC files).
  • Bug fix: Internal viewer could hang with very large lines.
  • Other minor updates/fixes.
6.0 (1227)Bug fix release (June 29 2011)
  • Option to switch off tab taskbar previews (Win 7).
  • Changed internal viewer default to open in new tab (set in Configuration->Default Editor).
  • Improved error checking for invalid XSLT files.
  • Bug fix: Occasional problem with office documents displaying inconsistent results.
  • Bug fix: Locked or invalid office documents causing problem with Text tab.
  • Other minor updates/fixes.
6.0 (1225)Bug fix release (June 15 2011)
  • Drag folders to Look In field for searching.
  • Semi-colons accepted for folder names when quoted.
  • Bug fix: Memory leak viewing very large files in Text Tab.
  • Bug fix: File List focus bug when switching between tabs.
  • Other minor updates/fixes.
6.0 (1221)Bug fix release (May 27 2011)
  • Shell compatibility with 32-bit apps running on 64-bit Windows.
  • Slight change to default UI scheme.
  • Bug fix: Icons not alway loading properly with WinXP.
  • Bug fix: Labels cut off with higher DPI settings.
  • Bug fix: Check for updates falsely reporting update available.
  • Bug fix: Folder browsing issue with Vista.
6.0 (1217)Major release (May 20 2011)
5.6 (1106)Bug fix release (Jan 26 2011)
  • New ‘Strictly conforming’ option for DOS expressions.
  • Faster icon loading.
5.6 (1105)Bug fix release (Jan 20 2011)
  • Bug fix: Boolean Regex now works with file lists.
  • Bug fix: Delay loading of icons more resilient to badly behaved icon handlers.
5.6 (1104)Bug fix release (Jan 19 2011)
  • Delay loading of file icons for improved UI performance.
  • Bug fix: Searching ANSI characters above the 0x7f range now using system locale.
  • Bug fix: Issue with XML export of very large lines fixed.
5.6 (1102)Bug fix release (Dec 05 2010)
  • Improved DOS Expression handling.
  • Bug fix: Problem with anti-virus products sometimes locking ZIP extracted files fixed.
  • Bug fix: Problem with searching open Office docs fixed.
  • Other minor fixes.
5.6 (1089)Bug fix release (Sep 08 2010)
  • Drive listing adheres to NoDrives GroupPolicy setting.
  • Outlook searching now supports OST files.
  • 64-bit MSI database available.
  • Bug fix: Toolbar/Status bar visibility settings now remembered.
  • Bug fix: -ma -mb switches weren’t accepting valid date/time values.
5.6 (1082)Bug fix release (Aug 18 2010)
  • Improved searching for MS Office 2007/2010 files, e.g. DOCX, XLSX etc.
5.6 (1077)Feature release (July 15 2010)
  • New NEAR Boolean operator for proximity searching.
  • New LIKE Boolean operator for matching similar search terms.
  • Improved error messages on expression compilation failures.
  • Improved performance when displaying results for files on network drive.
  • Bug fix: Boolean operator precedence issues.
  • Bug fix: PST searching issue with PST files over 2GB in size.
  • Bug fix: Right-click menu crash when SnagIt installed.
  • Other tweaks/minor bug fixes.
5.5 (1067)Bug fix release (June 11 2010)
  • New DOS Expression characters < and > to match beginning and end of name.
  • Improved Compressed Doc Interpreter to read extra information, such as VBA macros.
  • Bug fix: Date/time issues if user settings different from system wide settings.
5.5 (1061)Bug fix release (June 3 2010)
  • Installer has a new USB Drive installation option.
  • Configuration and log file folders now default to a location within AppData for non-USB Drive installations.
  • Bug fix: ‘Required resource was unavailable’ error on expression help.
5.5 (1055)Bug fix release (May 25 2010)
  • Bug fix: Context menu wasn’t working properly on Vista and Windows 7 with some anti-virus products.
5.5 (1054)Bug fix release (May 17 2010)
  • Improved shell extension stability.
  • Improved cut feedback behaviour.
  • Bug fix: Send To menu wasn’t always working with Vista and Windows 7.
  • Bug fix: Window positioning now allows negative coordinates on start-up.
  • Bug Fix: Focus issue with Ctrl + A on file list.
  • Bug fix: Crash in Basic view if search with containing text checked but no text entered.
  • Bug fix: Wizard labels needed resizing.
  • Other tweaks/minor bug fixes.
5.5 (1044)Feature release (Feb 26 2010)
  • Outlook PST file searching support.
  • Added Create and Last Access date criteria.
  • Improved ZIP searching efficiency.
  • Bug fix: Toolbar repainting issue.
  • Bug fix: Occasional hanging with Explorer shell extension.
  • Other tweaks/minor bug fixes.
5.2 (1037)Bug fix release (Jan 29 2010)
  • Contents view can now be navigated with keyboard.
  • Auto thread configuration on multi-core machines.
  • Sub-expression options moved back to main tab.
  • Improved UTF-8 speed.
  • Check for new version functionality (off by default).
  • New command line option -viewfile to open file in internal viewer.
  • Bug fix: Problem using location filters with zip files at root.
  • Bug fix: Statistics sometimes incorrect.
  • Bug fix: Tab while renaming file issues.
  • Bug fix: Corrupt PDF files causing unwanted message boxes.
  • Other tweaks/minor bug fixes.
5.2 (1025)Bug fix release (Oct 29 2009)
  • Speed improvement on single phase searches.
  • Significant memory management improvements on very large searches.
  • Allows UTF8 default format for UTF8 files without BOM.
  • Bug fix: Rename on mouse select wasn’t working.
  • Bug fix: Crash with Nino Copy Path shell extension.
  • Bug fix: Multiple folder dialog added invalid items.
  • Bug fix: Date/time issues.
  • Other tweaks/minor bug fixes.
5.2 (1010)Feature release (Oct 6 2009)
  • New Boolean Sub Expressions functionality [more].
  • New File Lists functionality for loading keywords from file [more].
  • Regex speed improvements.
  • Improved native handling of compressed doc formats, e.g. DOCX, XLSX, ODS etc.
  • Drop down list behaviour fixes.
  • Bug fix: Very long lines weren’t drawn.
  • Bug fix: Unicode problems in Zip files.
  • Bug fix: Problems exporting custom format to clipboard.
  • Bug fix: Date/time rounding issues.
  • Other tweaks/minor bug fixes.
5.1 (981)Bug fix release (Jul 2 2009)
  • New Whole Word expression type (Exact Match behaviour reverted to original).
  • Improved loading times.
  • Variable line number widths.
  • Shell ext bitmap transparent sections.
  • Bug fix: Calendar control oversized on Vista.
  • Bug fix: Crash on Tab key in contents view.
  • Bug fix: Crash on Print Preview.
5.1 (975)Feature release (June 26 2009)
  • Using XP/Vista visual styles.
  • New Boolean RegEx hybrid expression type.
  • Simplified regex wizard.
  • Exact match limits to whole word only.
  • Search statistics.
  • Improved memory management on very large (TB) searches.
  • Bug fix: IFilter loading issue.
  • Bug fix: -mb command line switch.
  • Other tweaks/minor bug fixes.
5.0 (948)Bug fix release (Apr 9 2009)
  • Bug fix: Crash on very long path names.
  • Bug fix: Rename not working on folders.
  • Bug fix: Containing text check box not working in Basic Search.
  • Bug fix: Date/Time parsing issues.
  • Enhancement: Added resilience for bad/protected compressed files.
5.0 (941)Bug fix release (Mar 20 2009)
  • Bug fix: Crash when opening file in Internal Viewer on a non-content search.
5.0 (939)Major release (Mar 16 2009)
  • Automatic document format management
  • Radically improved Internal Viewer [more]
  • Support for relative date/times [more]
  • Unicode support [more]
  • MSI Installer
  • File hash search (MD5,SHA-1/256/512)
  • Additional formats: DMG, HFS, MSI, RPM, UDF, XAR, Z
  • Core searching routine improvements.
  • Additional configuration options
  • Other improvements/bug fixes
4.5 (842)Bug fix release (Oct 22 2008)
  • Bug fix: Ctrl+F, F3 Explorer integration now working on Vista.
  • Bug fix: Removed use of boost_interprocess temp folder.
4.5 (840)Bug fix release (Oct 7 2008)
  • Bug fix: Occasional program hang with multi-threaded searches.
4.5 (834)Bug fix release (Sep 2 2008)
  • Bug fix: Crash when right-clicking on thousands of files.
  • Bug fix: Scroll wheel not working on contents view.
  • Bug fix: Vista privilege escalation issue with Shell Integration options.
  • Minor enhancements.
4.5 (828)Bug fix release (July 10 2008)
  • Reverted to older ComCtl version, due to problems selecting multiple files with the mouse.
4.5 (826)Bug fix release (June 18 2008)
  • Bug fix: Text sometimes clipped when using ClearType.
  • Enhancement: Extra space for date time fields.
4.5 (824)Bug fix release (June 10 2008)
  • Bug fix: Floppy drive constantly spinning issue.
4.5 (821)Major release (June 03 2008)
  • Improved Vista support
  • Run from USB Key
  • Network drives listed
  • Location filters [more]
  • Location file lists [more]
  • Location macros [more]
  • My Documents shell extension
  • Additional format: WIM
  • Minor bug fixes
4.0 (787)Bug fix release (Dec 02 2007)
  • BugFix: Drag to CD
  • BugFix: Additional error checking
4.0 (775)Bug fix release (Aug 30 2007)
  • BugFix: Installation issues
4.0 (774)Bug fix release (Apr 10 2007)
  • BugFix: Some IFilters not found due to alternative registration (inc. WordPerfect).
  • BugFix: Search within search not clearing file list.
  • BugFix: Copy Path not putting files in correct sort order.
4.0 (772)Bug fix release (Apr 04 2007)
  • BugFix: HotKey monitor crashes on Vista.
4.0 (771)Bug fix release (Mar 30 2007)
  • BugFix: Invalid reg code crashes application.
  • BugFix: Redraw issues when moving or resizing columns in FileList View.
  • BugFix: Search Criteria dialogs not opening correctly if location invalid.
  • Moved to an updated version of C++ compiler and framework.
4.0 (758)Bug fix release (Mar 7 2007)
  • XML and HTML output now in UTF-8 format.
  • Optimized -o searches for -ocn flag.
  • Aggressive memory management with -o searches to improve searching of very large drives.
  • User configurable maximum lines per file (defaults to 10,000).
  • BugFix: Locked files appearing but not searched.
  • BugFix: -pc flag not working on -o searches.
  • BugFix: Multiple threads on -o searches corrupting output.
4.0 (754)Bug fix release (Feb 26 2007)
  • BugFix: CPIO, DEB, GZ extensions.
  • BugFix: Excluding file names in LookIn edit box.
  • Changes for new 5 year reg codes.
4.0 (746)Bug fix release (Feb 08 2007)
  • BugFix: Unable to handle IFilters that have registry information marked as Read-only.
4.0 (735)Major Release (Feb 01 2007)
File types:

  • New supported file types: 7-Zip, ARJ, Bzip, CHM, CPIO, DEB, GZIP, ISO, LZH, NSIS, TAR
  • IFilter support, extends supported types to: Open Office, Word Perfect, and hundreds more


  • Boolean search spanning whole file (not just line by line).
  • Exclude folders list.
  • Search within search (limits search to files found in previous search).
  • Attribute searching (e.g. Folder, Hidden, Read-only etc).
  • Pause/Resume search.
  • User configurable Alerts/Notifications when files found and/or search finishes.
  • Much better user configuration dialogs.
  • User configuration moved out of registry to XML files.
  • XSL Transform support for saving results in user configurable format (requires Win XP or MS XML Core Services).


  • Dual/Quad core optimizations (user-configurable number of search threads).
  • Core searching routine improvements.
  • Perl style regular expressions (Boost library) 2x faster.

Other features/fixes:

  • ‘Look in’ expression handling improvements.
  • Shell context menu improvements including ‘Send To’ and ‘Open With’ bug fixes.
  • Shell extension can launch search on specific files instead of whole folder.
  • ‘Look in’ now accepts paths of individual files not just folders.
  • Title bar displays search progress during search.
  • Log file rotations (stops log files from exceeding 100k).
  • -r command line option to start search immediately.
  • -dw command line option to search current working directory.
  • Process priority settings.
  • Extensions can now be run in Safe Mode to prevent them crashing main application.
  • Tab order optimization, with option to restore to standard Left-Right order.
3.1.1 (640)Bug fix release (Apr 20 2006)
  • Redraw crash following file Cut fixed
  • MS Office searching improvements (supports DOC/XLS/PPT)
  • Other minor enhancements and bug fixes
3.1 (638)Usability Release (Mar 22 2006)
  • Enhanced shell functionality (Rename, Cut, Shift+Delete, Right-click drag etc.)
  • Ability to hide contents view (useful when searching large files)
  • Option to show end of file path if full path won’t fit
  • Other minor enhancements and bug fixes
3.0 (609)Major Release (Aug 17 2005)
  • Boolean searches (e.g. AND, OR, NOT)
  • Perl regexp support (via Boost library)
  • Search navigation (similar to Internet browser navigation)
  • HotKey support (Win+Alt+F)
  • Improved User Interface
  • Multiple highlights on same line
  • Visual Studio.NET as external editor option
  • Many minor enhancements and bug fixes
2.0.2 (527)Bug fix release (Sep 18 2004)
  • Installation now checks registration expiration before the install begins
  • Minor fix on conflicting hot keys
2.0.2 (526)Bug fix release (Sep 1 2004)
  • Context menu handling handles badly behaved entries better.
  • Two additional scripts in Sample Scripts folder showing how to do a ‘NOT’ and use JScript regular expressions
2.0.2 (521)Bug fix release (May 28 2004)
  • Fixed problem with context menu opening folders
  • Added -oc command line switch to control ‘Save Contents’ option
2.0.2 (516)Bug fix release (Mar 25 2004)
  • Double click problem with Win98
  • Installation now no longer clears previous history
2.0.2 (515)Bug fix release (Mar 3 2004)
  • RAR Interpreter added
  • Word Doc interpreter added (switched off by default)
  • Minor improvements
2.0.2 (510)Bug fix release (Feb 13 2004)
  • Zip functionality within WinXP speed fix.
  • Folder ‘disappearing’ bug fix.
  • Results output double spacing lines fix.
  • Installation now forces overwrite of prior install.
2.0.2 (508)Enhancement release (Jan 31 2004)
  • Full row select on file list.
  • Tool tip completion if file information not completely displayed.
  • Registration code modification.
2.0.1 (494)Enhancement release (Oct 8 2003)
  • Auto complete on folder drop down.
  • Save surrounding lines option.
  • HTML export results.
  • Log files written to logs sub folder.
  • Improved DOS expression support.
  • Fixed Contents View bug.
  • Fixed time not remembered in Advanced tab bug.
  • Installation now no longer overwrites history.
2.0 (482)Various minor build updates (to Jul 16 2003)
  • Convert 8 bit chars to 7 bit chars option added.
  • Contents resync problem following file delete.
  • Registration/installation requirements simplified.
  • Internal viewer not loading files correctly.
  • CAB support added.
  • File list sorting issue.
  • Problem with badly formed ZIP files.
  • Escaping special characters when regexp NOT used in containing text.
  • Multi-threaded synchronization issues in progress notification code.
  • PDF searching not working on certain long name locations.
  • ‘Look in’ combo only retrieving 260 chars of previous searches.
  • Command line loading of search parms with -o switch problem.
  • Password protected ZIP entries causing problems.
  • Last search DOS Expression not retained correctly after reload.
  • Error if found expression exceeds 5,000 characters.
2.0 (446)FileLocator Pro Released (Apr 8th 2003)


Search results, showing the highlighted hits within the files:

Close up of Contents View, this time docked to the right, showing the hits and surrounding lines. Other tabs show search statistics, full text preview, and thumbnails:

Internal viewer for faster reviewing of search results within the context of the whole file

Keyword frequency report. Other reports available for Contents and Files with user configurable options to show/reorder/hide columns, headers and more

Image previews

Search navigation for reloading previous searches without having to re-search the actual files

Document preview

Favorites functionality allows quick and easy loading of common searches

Syntax highlighting for easier reading of source code, supports most programming languages

Searching for files by date/time can be done using fixed dates, e.g. 15/01/09, or more complex relative dates, e.g. Start of Month +1 day, or a combination of both

Index Manager allows the configuration of multiple indexes, automated updating, shared indexes, and index investigation.

Many configurable options to customize the way FileLocator Pro works

Most compressed file formats supported

FileLocator Pro Help - Language Selection

The help file is available in these languages:










Hardware / Software Requirements

  • Microsoft Windows (32/64 bit) 2008/7/2012/8.x/10/11 or higher
  • 150 MB of available hard-disk space
  • Mouse or compatible pointing device
  • VGA (1024×768) or higher resolution monitor with 256 colors.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

FileLocator Pro can be integrated into 3rd party applications using the included .NET and COM libraries or via the command line app flpsearch.exe. More information is available in the free SDK, which includes:

– COM SDK help documentation [online]

– .NET SDK help documentation [download]

– VB.NET example

– C# example

.NET: FileLocator Pro includes a new .NET library Mythicsoft.Search.Core.dll, which is very similar to the COM based library. This is our recommended way to integrate the FileLocator Pro search engine into your application.

Download FLPro SDK (approx. 1.7 MB)


– FileLocator Pro installation (with a valid license key or trial license)

– OR, FileLocator Pro Core Search run-time

– .NET library requires .NET 4 framework or higher

Run-time pricing

If you do not want to purchase a full FileLocator Pro license for each user we also offer a lower-priced run-time license option.

100 User license$1,995Buy Now
1,000 User license$9,995Buy Now
Unlimited users

(per application)

$19,995Please contact Sales

Please contact Sales for more information

Other information

It is also possible to extend FileLocator Pro’s format reading architecture.

If you would like free technical information on writing extensions, including detailed interface descriptions, please contact Technical Support.

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