FileLocator Pro

FileLocator Pro Download

FileLocator Pro Version 2022 (build 3349) is available as a single 32/64 bit installer:

FileLocator Pro™

FileLocator Pro 32/64 bit
(approx. 58MB)


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(Optional) Microsoft Office 2010 Filter Pack

Windows 8.x (or higher): Filter pack not required.

Windows 7 : Although FileLocator Pro will search Microsoft Office file formats without the Microsoft Office Filter pack installed we still recommend you install it for best results:

Microsoft Office 2010 Filter Packs

Note: If you already have Office 2010 (or higher) installed you don’t need to separately install this filter pack unless you installed 32-bit Office on 64-bit Windows (FileLocator Pro 64-bit requires 64-bit IFilters).

Other Downloads

FileLocator Pro Portable – for USB drives or installing without Admin privileges

Separate 32/64-bit MSI installers (For IT Departments)