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FileLocator Lite is a rebranding of Agent Ransack for corporate environments. It is still free and has exactly the same functionality but with just a different name and logo.

FileLocator Lite 2016 (Build 867) is available as a single 32/64 bit installer:

FileLocator Lite™

FileLocator Lite
(approx. 14.9MB)


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Microsoft Office 2010 Filter Pack

Windows Vista / 7 :: For the best results when searching Microsoft Office files please make sure you have installed the latest filter pack from Microsoft:

Microsoft Office 2010 Filter Packs

Note: If you already have Office 2010 (or higher) installed you don’t need to separately install this filter pack unless you installed 32-bit Office on 64-bit Windows (FileLocator Pro 64-bit requires 64-bit IFilters).

Windows 8.x (or higher): Not required.

For a list of recent changes please look at: Version History.

FileLocator Lite is free for both Commercial and Personal use