Agent Ransack

Agent Ransack Download

Agent Ransack 2022 (Build 3435) is available as a single 32/64 bit installer:

Agent Ransack™

Agent Ransack
(approx. 74MB)


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Microsoft Office 2010 Filter Pack

Windows 8.x, 10, 11 (or higher): Only required if searching OneNote, Visio, and Publisher files.

Windows 7 :: For the best results when searching Microsoft Office files please make sure you have installed the latest filter pack from Microsoft:

Microsoft Office 2010 Filter Packs

Other Downloads

Agent Ransack Portable – for USB drives or installing without Admin privileges

Separate 32/64-bit MSI installers (For IT Departments)

Amazon Web Services

Agent Ransack downloads are also available on AWS

Standard Installer (74MB)


Agent Ransack 2019 users can simply install Agent Ransack 2022 over the top of the existing installation. However, if you have an older version of Agent Ransack already installed please UNINSTALL it first before installing.