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  FileLocator Pro Agent Ransack /
FileLocator Lite

Search Engine
Lightning fast multi-threaded C++ based search algorithms
Network drive searching using either mapped drives or UNC paths
Regular expression support on file name and content
Boolean style searching (AND, OR, NOT)
Enhanced performance tuning for Boolean searches
Extended Boolean operators (LIKE, NEAR, LINES, REGEX, DOSEX) [more]
Relative date/time searching (e.g. Today -2 days) [more]
Criteria can be dynamically loaded from text files
Exclude folders based on path or expression
Customizable memory manager to control memory usage over large searches
Multi-line regular expressions

Optional index search functionality for even faster searching [more]
Ability to create multiple user-defined indexes on data repositories
Share indexes over network drives

Office/PDF Support
IFilter powered searching
Bespoke Word/Excel text processors for improved accuracy
Outlook PST/MSG searching of emails, contacts and appointments (including attachments) [more]
Caching database for saving converted text for much faster searching [more]

Compressed Archives
ZIP, JAR, 7Z, RAR, TAR (and more) searching [more]
Found files can be extracted from archives using drag/drop or copy/paste

Data Discovery
Save/load commonly used search criteria
View text hits by file
Keyword hit coloring [more]
Save/load complete search results (inc. history)
Show surrounding lines
View whole file with highlighted hits and secondary searches [more]
Navigate back/forward through previous results
Narrow down searches using Search within Search and Search Again functionality
Thumbnail previews of images
Filter results with as-you-type column filters [more]
Favorite searches can be added for quick reference [more]

Reports & Exporting
Printing and print preview
Export results in Text and CSV
User customizable reports (columns, headers etc.) [more]
Bulk Copy to folder or ZIP file [more]
Export results in XML and HTML
Excel compliant CSV exports
Keywords reports (summary and by file) [more]
Custom export formats (based on XSL Transforms)

German, French, Spanish, Hindi, and Chinese translations of User Interface
German, French, and Chinese translations of help files
PDF foreign character support

Command line operation
Specific console app
.NET 4 class library
COM class library
Extend supported formats through COM plug-ins
User-defined file interpreters [more]

Other features
Alerts/Notifications on search events [more]
Search by file hash (MD5, SHA1/256/512)
MSI based installer
Portable installation option
Launch external editor at line (inc. Visual Studio)
High DPI Scaling Support


Something missing? We've tried to summarize all the features we think you'll be most interested in but if there's something missing please Contact Us.




Q. Hey, I'm confused! From the feature list it looks like FileLocator Lite and Agent Ransack are the same product, is that right?


A. Yep, apart from the name they're both 'lite' versions of FileLocator Pro. Honestly, it's the same code. During the build process an automated script runs that locates all the Agent Ransack branding and replaces it with FileLocator Lite branding and then recompiles.


The name FileLocator Lite simply reinforces the link to FileLocator Pro and is more acceptable for some customers who feel uncomfortable installing a product called "Agent Ransack" at work.


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