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"Your product is simply outrageously terrific."

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FileLocator Pro Testimonials


Here are just a few of the recently received or published comments:


"This powerful search utility has weapons in its arsenal that the standard Windows search can only dream of... Overall, we think FileLocator Pro is a great choice for anyone who needs a powerful search tool... We recommend this program to all users."

CNET Editor's review



"I must congratulate you guys for this gem. Truly fantastic utility."

Mário Fiadeiro, IT Manager (for a law firm)



"We use FLP all day long. It is so important and highly used that it opens in my startup (if that gives you a idea). Needless to say, I love the program. We write a large enterprise level multi-dll application, and this is indispensable when it comes to searching source code."

Glenn Paschal, Senior Application Developer



Listed among "My favorite tools for testing storage security" in Hacking for Dummies 3rd Edition

Kevin Beaver, Author and Information Security Consultant



"Since I'm one of the first to bitch when things go wrong, it seems only fair to also report that the more I use FileLocator Pro the more I like it. It's particularly useful for teasing out badly behaved software installations -- not to mention chewing through thousands of pages of court records."

Aza Oberman, Procurement Engineer, Image Logic Corporation



"Just wanted to congratulate you on a fantastic piece of software. As a contract developer I've found it invaluable for searching C# files while merging three branches of my client's code base. It's already paid for itself in saved time."

Steve, Shallcross Digital Solutions Ltd



"Love your product. Love, love, love your product. So rich. So thoughtful in all respects. So damn useful. I have recommended it to tech people and non-tech people innumerable times... Filelocator is the BOMB !!"

David Weldon, Applications and Systems programmer



"FileLocator Pro is on my short list of indispensable Windows tools. I use it regularly and I enthusiastically feature it in the "Favorite Windows Utilities" presentation I've given to many computer/technology user groups. It's powerful, intuitive, well supported, periodically enhanced, and well documented. "

Gabe Goldberg, Freelance technology writer and committed tech user group volunteer



"I had been using FileLocator Pro for search at my computer but today it helped me so much in one project I thought I should "Thank You" guys for developing such a great software. I had 146 PST Files and total 540,396 emails. I had to extract emails To/From a certain sender. First I started this process in Outlook and it was taking so much time and then I tried FileLocator Pro and it worked like a charm. It gave me all the emails in separate text files."

Customer working in the eDiscovery Legal Services Industry



"To my pleasant surprise and great satisfaction FileLocator Pro ticked absolutely all the boxes I needed it to and I have just purchased it. In fact, I am puzzled that it is not better known about. Maybe it should be placed higher on Google Search indexes as it does deserve to be recognised as an excellent product"

Éamonn Herlihy, Computing/Photography Enthusiast



"I simply cannot thank you enough for this AMAZING tool!!!! You, quite literally, saved me from ruin today. I am in your debt, big-time! I have just posted an endorsement to Facebook, and if there's anything else I can do to tell the world how FANTASTIC FLP is, just let me know."

Steve Pozgaj, Zoralot



"I love FileLocator Pro - I have used it for years and it is fast and invaluable"

Jon Bresler, Principal Consultant, Ubisense



"Your product is simply outrageously terrific. FileLocator Pro is fantastic from the start. Kudos heaped upon kudos. "

Ed Baker, SAP ABAP Developer, Thermo Fisher Scientific



"I just wanted to let you know that your tool is superb and a vital part of my professional life"

David L Hoffman, President / Database Developer, Abacus Productions, Inc.



"MythicSoft's FileLocator Pro offers extensive search tools for those who need to dig among a variety of file types and content to find one specific piece of data."

Eric Larkin, PC World.



"Just a quick note to say that I have been using Filelocator for a few years now and I must really congratulate you on this program and thank you for its existence, without which my research work on ancient texts would be entirely impossible. Besides the texts themselves, your program is the most valuable one I use. Thanks again."

Dr. Ingo G. Maier



"Highly recommended. It is the best search tool that I have found."

Dave Kellogg, IEEE Certified Software Development Professional



"Your product is the top product I use (FLP, editor, compiler) - I really love it and it really helps me do my job. You must have tons of good karma after creating a product that is so useful!"

Shawn Kaczmarek, Sr. Software Engineer, Michiana Software Services LLC



"I just wanted to send an email thank you for FileLocator Pro. I believe that it is one of the best pieces of software and you are constantly improving it. Keep up the good work!"

Richard Crist



"I love FileLocator Pro."

George White, Senior Developer



"I found something else your search is great at, searching OneNote. Your software will search their mixed binary and text content and finds the inter-word matches perfectly."

Roy Cotton, Software Engineer



"FileLocator Pro is the most powerful search engine I've ever used and I don't know how I could have survived Microsoft's Windows 7 without it."

Jack Thorworth



"My compliments to you on a first class search tool. It does everything that it says 'on the tin' flawlessly and swiftly. Many thanks for making my job easier seaching through terebytes of data."

E Pearson, PhD, SierraTech



"Searching Outlook PSTs? That's useful but doesn't fully solve my problem. Not convinced I need to buy it. Searching zipped Outlook PSTs? OK, I'm convinced. I'll buy it. Searching specific folders within my zipped Outlook PSTs? Holy cow! How have I lived this long without this tool! Thanks for a useful tool!"

Matt Smith, Software Developer



"Just letting you know I can never get over how much I depend on FileLocator Pro. When I have a project in Eclipse for Android things always seem to grow with dozens of java files and the search tool in Eclipse is hopeless. FileLocator makes it so easy to search a project and quickly come up with every occurrence of a statement or variable. What a work horse!!"

Barry Jaques, Hobbyist Programmer


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