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FileLocator Pro™ Screenshots


- Search results, showing the highlighted hits within the files:



- Close up of Contents View, this time docked to the right, showing the hits and surrounding lines. Other tabs show search statistics, full text preview, and thumbnails:



- Internal viewer for faster reviewing of search results within the context of the whole file:



- Keyword frequency report. Other reports available for Contents and Files with user configurable options to show/reorder/hide columns, headers and more:



- Image previews:



- Search navigation for reloading previous searches without having to re-search the actual files:



- Syntax highlighting for easier reading of source code, supports most programming languages:



- Favorites functionality allows quick and easy loading of common searches:



- Many configurable options to customize the way FileLocator Pro works:



- Searching for files by date/time can be done using fixed dates, e.g. 15/01/09, or more complex relative dates, e.g. Start of Month +1 day, or a combination of both:



- Most compressed file formats supported:


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