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FileLocator Pro™ release history


8.2 (2744) Bug fix release (3 Oct 2017)

- Bug fix: Open favorite in new tab now working.

- Bug fix: Some 3rd party editors,eg. Sublime, could not handle long path format, now defaults to standard format.

- Bug fix: Secondary searches in Text tab highlighting issue.

- Bug fix: Improved memory management on large criteria searches.


8.2 (2741) Bug fix release (20 Sep 2017)

- Bug fix: Installation issue with 2740.


8.2 (2740) Bug fix release (18 Sep 2017)

- Bug fix: Look In expressions not working with UNC paths.

- Bug fix: Unresponsive UI when network path resolution is slow.


8.2 (2739) Bug fix release (21 Aug 2017)

- Bug fix: German translation issue affecting Boolean expressions.


8.2 (2738) Bug fix release (16 Aug 2017)

- Bug fix: Thumbnails and file icons not loading properly.


8.2 (2737) Feature release (14 Aug 2017)

- Long path name support.

- Bug fix: Multi-line regex failing on very long lines.

- Bug fix: FR, DE language file improvements.


8.2 (2736) Bug fix release (6 June 2017)

- Bug fix: Error message if remember sort switched off.

- Bug fix: Column settings not saving properly.


8.2 (2735) Feature release (25 May 2017)

- Columns can be switched on/off and more column options added.

- Multi-threaded indexing for faster indexing.

- Index search optimizations.

- Index search improved handling of underscores and hypens.

- HTML Reports export keywords in colour.

- Bug fix: Criteria window resizing issue.

- Bug fix: Match case not working properly with indexes.

- Bug fix: Location field drawing issues.

- Bug fix: Indexing now supports NOT NEAR.

- Other minor improvements.


8.1 (2722) Bug fix release (23 Mar 2017)

- Generate Error Report option added to Index Manager.

- Bug fix: Context menu icon not appearing on 32-bit apps on 64-bit OS.

- Bug fix: Truncated data when loading entries from drop downs.

- Bug fix: Crash with print preview.

- Bug fix: Language file fixes.

- Bug fix: Ctrl+F setting preserved during upgrade procedure.


8.1 (2719) Bug fix release (18 Mar 2017)

- Bug fix: Index searched email attachments not showing MSG parent in path.

- Bug fix: -idxpath command line option ignored if SRF file was also specified.

- Bug fix: Multi-folder persistent search filter editing issue.


8.1 (2714) Bug fix release (13 Mar 2017)

- Support for Visual Studio 2017.

- Bug fix: File presets not working properly.


8.1 (2713) Bug fix release (2 Mar 2017)

- Bug fix: Alt + Down arrow not working properly on main drop down list boxes.


8.1 (2712) Minor release (1 Mar 2017)

- New expression editor to help work with large keyword lists.

- Command line supports index searching with new -idxname or -idxpath switches.

- Command line supports index criteria SRF files.

- Bug fix: Indexer was not correctly reporting out of space errors.

- Bug fix: Indexer was not properly including non-content files.

- Digital signatures now using SHA-256.

- Other minor improvements.


8.1 (2702) Minor release (30 Jan 2017)

- File lists now supported with index searches.

- File types can now be excluded in indexing setup.

- Bug fix: Incorrectly showing hits for terms not directly involved in matching line.

- Bug fix: USB installer now includes API files for all versions of Windows.

- Bug fix: List view not redrawing properly after deleting files.

- Other minor improvements.


8.1 (2697) Minor release (14 Jan 2017)

- Option to switch off search-as-you-type in the Text tab.

- New warning if file does not contain searchable text.

- Bug fix: Possible crash when filtering large list of items.

- Bug fix: Index search unable to cancel certain searches.

- Bug fix: Icons not displaying in drop-down list.

- Other minor improvements.


8.1 (2695) Minor release (22 Dec 2016)

- Faster list loading for large searches (ie more than 50,000 files).

- Location filters now applied to root locations not just sub folders.

- Forward slashes and multiple back slashes in paths normalized.

- Bug fix: Searching for "*" in Boolean expression now works properly.

- Bug fix: Very large lines on multi-line regex could cause crash.

- Bug fix: Search stats on reports not displaying correctly if run from command line.

- Other minor improvements.


8.1 (2682) Minor release (29 Nov 2016)

- Index sizes significantly reduced (sometimes over 50% smaller).

- More details added to indexing error messages.

- Bug fix: Icons not displaying in error list window.

- Bug fix: Drop downs in Reports Tab failing to open after a resize.

- Other minor improvements.


8.1 (2680) Minor release (18 Oct 2016)

- Bug fix: French language fixes.

- Bug fix: Crash when changing criteria type during search.

- Bug fix: Rare crash when search had finished.

- Bug fix: Case-sensitive search caused issues when switching to indexed search.

- Bug fix: Missing icons for portable installation.


8.1 (2677) Minor release (6 Oct 2016)

- Support for high DPI settings.

- Bug fix: Include file name and folder name in content search was not working with PST searches.


8.0 (2672) Minor release (22 Sept 2016)

- Bug fix: Would not start on some versions of Windows.


8.0 (2671) Minor release (20 Sept 2016)

- Significant memory usage improvements when searching large PST/OST files.

- Bug fix: Memory leak in PST/OST searching.

- Bug fix: Translation improvements.

- Other minor improvements.


8.0 (2669) Minor release (04 Sept 2016)

- Bug fix: Copying report to clipboard issue fixed.

- Bug fix: Launching Explorer failed on some systems.

- Bug fix: Registration information was not always saving properly.

- Bug fix: Translation improvements.


8.0 (2668) Minor release (15 July 2016)

- New flpidx command line options for creating indexes.

- New COM components for searching indexes.

- Bug fix: flpsearch -ofxlst XSLT processing now works properly.

- Bug fix: MSG attachments embedded within MSG files can now be indexed.

- Bug fix: Other small fixes.


8.0 (2664) Bug fix release (7 July 2016)

- Bug fix: Issues with single threaded searching through compressed files.

- Bug fix: Unnecessary memory allocations on large searches.

- Bug fix: PDF Page numbering issues.

- Bug fix: PHP Styling issues.

- Bug fix: Report generating issues with large fields.

- Bug fix: Other small fixes.


8.0 (2661) Bug fix release (28 June 2016)

- Bug fix: 'Invalid Index' issue with Chinese version of Windows.


8.0 (2659) Bug fix release (22 June 2016)

- Bug fix: Possible crash when searching large list of terms.

- Bug fix: Improved handling of invalid configuration files.


8.0 (2658) Bug fix release (21 June 2016)

- Bug fix: Possible crash when searching large list of terms.

- Bug fix: Other small fixes.


8.0 (2657) Bug fix release (9 June 2016)

- Bug fix: PDF text formatting/speed issues.

- Bug fix: Word/Excel searching issues when FipsAlgorithmPolicy set


8.0 (2656) Bug fix release (26 May 2016)

- Transparent context menu icon.

- Updated alert dialog display.

- Bug fix: Better handling of non-conformant ZIP files.

- Bug fix: 7-zip updated to version 16.02.

- Bug fix: Quoted index searching problem.


8.0 (2654) Bug fix release (12 May 2016)

- Bug fix: 7-zip updated to version 16.00 due to vulnerabilities in UDF and HFS handlers.

- Bug fix: 7z solid archive searching issue.


8.0 (2653) Bug fix release (11 May 2016)

- .NET class library and SDK documentation updated for index searching.

- Option to switch off search-as-you-type index searching.

- Bug fix: IFilter types now included for Index 'Documentation' category.

- Bug fix: Index can now handle Unicode paths for index store.

- Bug fix: Issues relating to using .NET library in ASP.NET fixed.

- Bug fix: Keyword reports for multi-line regex searches now concatenates multi-line matches.

- Bug fix: Multi-line Regex and Fuzzy search now work with File Lists and missing help dialog resource fixed.

- Bug fix: Search-as-you-type suppressed if invalid expression entered.

- Other small fixes.


8.0 (2651) Bug fix release (22 Apr 2016)

- Install folder now defaults to previous location.

- Bug fix: File icons sometimes incorrect when sorted.

- Bug fix: Bulk Export report not always loading properly.

- Bug fix: Shell integration issues when using standard user with no elevation privileges.

- Bug fix: UI sizing issues with MDI mode and mazimized frames.


8.0 (2648) Bug fix release (15 Apr 2016)

- Additional menu options and help information for indexing.

- Bug fix: Deleting items causing selection issues with other items in list.

- Bug fix: Sort order now saved/restored with SRF criteria files.

- Bug fix: Reduced flicker when changing between criteria types.


8.0 (2646) Bug fix release (11 Apr 2016)

- Installer logging option.

- Force empty folder for new index store.

- Bug fix: Binary file warning notification.

- Bug fix: Paging issue in hits tab.

- Other small fixes.


8.0 (2643) Bug fix release (7 Apr 2016)

- Bug fix: Allow mixed/upper case registration codes.

- Bug fix: Use .NET 4 if .NET 2 not installed.


8.0 (2642) Major Release (6 Apr 2016)
Full Release Announcement


- New indexing feature

- Customizable keyword coloring

- Multi-line Regex functionality

- Custom EXE interpreters

- Sticky column sort order

- Console flpsearch.exe app

- Search threads monitoring window

- Improved content searching algorithm

- Stability improvements for Word and Excel searching

- Many other improvements and bug fixes


7.5 (2114) Bug fix release (21 Feb 2016)

- Bug fix: DLL issue with Portable version.


7.5 (2113) Bug fix release (9 Feb 2016)

- Bug fix: .NET Core library fixes.

- (Beta) Console app for command line searches.


7.5 (2109) Bug fix release (16 Oct 2015)

- Bug fix: Background color made more consistent across different tabs.

- Bug fix: Boolean ? wildcard not working when used mid-word on last word on line.


7.5 (2107) Bug fix release (5 Aug 2015)

- Bug fix: Exported .MSG files can now be re-imported into Outlook.

- Bug fix: GDI handle usage.


7.5 (2104) Bug fix release (10 July 2015)

- OST (2013) format support

- PST/OST speed improvements

- Bug fix: Email size now includes size of any attachments.

- Bug fix: 'Text Search' search was behaving like 'Deep Search' if raw data search was checked.


7.5 (2101) Bug fix release (16 June 2015)

- Improved exporting of corrupt PST items

- Bug fix: Crash when loading saved workspaces/sessions


7.5 (2099) Bug fix release (07 June 2015)

- Bug fix: Corrupt PST file could cause program to crash


7.5 (2097) Bug fix release (02 June 2015)

- Bug fix: Directly specifying multiple archive within archive paths ignoring some files


7.5 (2096) Bug fix release (29 May 2015)

- Batch copy can continue if corrupt files found

- Better handling of corrupt configuration files

- Bug fix: Dock below/right wasn't working


7.5 (2094) Bug fix release (19 May 2015)

- Bug fix: Various Look In field issues when working with large folder lists

- Additional logging on core operations


7.5 (2092) Bug fix release (04 May 2015)

- Bug fix: PDF searching on non-ASCII file names

- Bug fix: Opening folder when batch file of same name exists

- Bug fix: Changes to default folders were being reset when upgrading

- Other minor enhancements/bug fixes.


7.5 (2085) Bug fix release (26 Mar 2015)

- Bug fix: Solid archive extraction fixes

- Bug fix: Invalid pending count fix

- Minor DE language changes


7.5 (2082) Bug fix release (9 Feb 2015)

- Bulk Copy - gracefully handle moved files/containers

- Bug fix: Handle JAR files with unusual ZIP format


7.5 (2077) Bug fix release (2 Dec 2014)

- Email MSG exporting should now produce identical hashes for the same email

- Bug fix: Printing on some reports not working


7.5 (2076) Bug fix release (24 Nov 2014)

- Improved MSG searching speed.


7.5 (2074) Bug fix release (11 Nov 2014)

- Bug fix: Date/times now handle DST properly.

- Bug fix: Missing icons in portable build.

- Bug fix: Summary report error message.

- Bug fix: Multi-folder button not working on Persistent Filters.


7.5 (2071) Bug fix release (30 Oct 2014)

- Bug fix: Crash when clearing all search locations in multi-folder dialog and then clicking OK.

- Bug fix: Crash when file type column is shown before file name column.


7.5 (2070) Bug fix release (22 Oct 2014)

- New EPUB searching.

- Bug fix: Saving favorites on network folders using UNC paths not working.

- Bug fix: Copying error list to clipboard issue.

- Bug fix: Occassional crash when viewing file while search still running.


7.5 (2067) Bug fix release (9 Oct 2014)

- Bug fix: Cache module could crash under edge case scenarios.

- Bug fix: Options not remembered if Load Last Search was switched off.

- CN language mistakes.


7.5 (2064) Feature release (26 Sep 2014)
Release Announcement


- Native .msg file exporting for PST and MSG email searches.

- New Bulk Copy feature.

- Errors/Warnings information on Summary tab.

- New license options Technician and Floating.

- New UTF-8 auto-detect feature for files without BOM.

- Bug fix: Search within search lists no longer limited on size.

- Other minor enhancements/bug fixes.


7.2 (2042) Bug fix release (23 Apr 2014)

- Bug fix: NEAR combined with AND and OR sub expressions sometimes failing to return valid results.


7.2 (2041) Bug fix release (14 Apr 2014)

- Bug fix: Searching for '<?' caused infinite search.

- Bug fix: Font issues after changing display settings.


7.2 (2038) Performance release (28 Mar 2014)

- Significant performance improvements for all content searches but especially Boolean and Whole word expression types.

- Windows 8.x compatibility improvements.

- File name truncation options for Contents View and new truncation options for File List View.

- User selection when multiple versions of Visual Studio installed

- Containing text script can now work without Containing text value.

- Double-click divider to size to max column width.

- Middle mouse button to close tab.

- Bug fix: Failed search not clearing results properly.

- Bug fix: Browse for folder not starting from current path.

- Other minor improvements and bug fixes


7.1 (2031) Bug fix release (20 Jan 2014)

- 'Text Search' default instead of 'Deep Search' for Document Searching.

- Boolean search performance improvements.

- Bug fix: NEAR operator not working properly when combined with OR

- Bug fix: Closing app when minimized causes problems when re-starting.

- Bug fix: Regular expression error messages not showing properly.

- Other minor improvements and bug fixes


7.0 (2028) Bug fix release (27 Nov 2013)

- MSI installer now accepts LANG_FILE variable to default UI localization language.

- Bug fix: Highlighting issues with DBCS code page files.

- Bug fix: COM and .NET component issues.


7.0 (2025) Bug fix release (19 Nov 2013)

- Bug fix: PDF searching not working on some systems.


7.0 (2024) Bug fix release (18 Nov 2013)

- Improved number column formatting in Reports

- HTML Report highlighting of hits.

- Progress 4GL syntax highlighting.

- COM and .NET component library enhancements for extracting items.

- Bug fix: Double-click on PST hits now opens file properly.

- Other minor improvements and bug fixes


7.0 (2023) Bug fix release (25 Oct 2013)

- Option to hide tabs in Contents View

- Bug fix: Help for file name presets was showing 'Resource unavailable'.

- Bug fix: COM component library fixes.

- Bug fix: Deep search not always searching raw binary data.


7.0 (2020) Bug fix release (18 Oct 2013)

- NEAR operator can take optional distance value, e.g.
word1 NEAR:10 word2

- NEAR distance configuration can now be lowered to 1.

- Bug fix: Saving sessions with binary data could cause invalid characters to be exported rendering session file unloadable.


7.0 (2018) Bug fix release (16 Oct 2013)

- Bug fix: Large line truncation bug causing problems loading sessions/workspaces.


7.0 (2017) Bug fix release (11 Oct 2013)

- Audio file searching (MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG and more).

- Image searching (JPG, PNG, TIF, and BMP).

- Search time added back to frame.

- Bug fix: Archive within archive item extraction failure.

- Bug fix: Loading favourites not clearing previous results.

- Bug fix: Cache hang issue on large files.


7.0 (2015) Bug fix release (02 Oct 2013)

- Explore Here now highlights selected items in folder.

- Bug fix: Context menu not working when multiple items in different folders selected.

- Bug fix: File presets missing from portable install.

- Bug fix: Switching between ZIP IFilter and composite folder now working.


7.0 (2013) Bug fix release (27 Sep 2013)

- Bug fix: Open criteria bug on Win XP.

- Bug fix: Session/Workspace loading issue for some regex type searches.

- Bug fix: Hits tab not automatically selected when files selected.


7.0 (2010) Bug fix release (26 Sep 2013)

- Bug fix: Rename not working properly.

- Bug fix: Save criteria problem when in Reports tab.


7.0 (2008) Major Release (24 Sep 2013)
Full Release Announcement


- New document caching feature

- Results can now be saved and re-imported using workspaces and sessions

- New Reports functionality

- New dedicated Excel/Word text conversion

- Filter results using Column Filters

- Quickly launch new search using Search Again

- File name presets

- New LINES operator to restrict expressions to specific lines

- Exclude binary files option

- Improved PDF foreign language conversion

- Other improvements and bug fixes


6.5 (1364) Bug fix release (14 Aug 2013)

- Chinese language support (including help file translation).

- Bug fix: Strict DOS boundary limiting.


6.5 (1358) Bug fix release (31 May 2013)

- Improved context menu support.

- Bug fix: Open criteria dialog not including *.srf filter.


6.5 (1357) Bug fix release (20 May 2013)

- Bug fix: Slow searching and excessive memory consumption with DOC IFilter based searches on very large files.


6.5 (1355) Bug fix release (24 Apr 2013)

- Improved PDF conversion.

- Bug fix: Minor French language changes.


6.5 (1349) Bug fix release (15 Apr 2013)

- Bug fix: Shift drag/drop was copying and not moving files.

- Bug fix: Right-click drag/drop was not behaving properly.


6.5 (1348) Bug fix release (15 Mar 2013)

- Bug fix: Shift + Del was not working for file deletion.

- Bug fix: Text based .msg files will now be searched properly.

- Bug fix: Two user messages not displaying properly.


6.5 (1346) Bug fix release (11 Feb 2013)

- DOS Expression added to list of Look In expression types.

- Bug fix: Large PST email folders not listing all contents.

- Bug fix: Corrupted PST email attachments could crash application.


6.5 (1345) Bug fix release (10 Jan 2013)

- Bug fix: Problem copying large number of files from PST/compressed archives fixed.


6.5 (1344) Bug fix release (8 Jan 2013)

- Bug fix: MSI now picks up reg details if run with /quiet switch.


6.5 (1341) Bug fix release (20 Dec 2012)

- Bug fix: Favorites now open sorted by description.

- Bug fix: External editor 'question' missing buttons.

- Bug fix: FileLocator Pro modal in Shell operations.

- Bug fix: Update check now reports errors if problems occur.


6.5 (1338) Bug fix release (3 Dec 2012)

- Minor: -ol command line switch optimizations


6.5 (1337) Bug fix release (30 Nov 2012)

- New command line option '-oa' to append results to output file

- New command line option '-oe?' to specify output encoding

- New command line option '-ol [max]' to restrict maximum output lines per file

- New command line option '-ofxslt [file]' to format output using custom (XSLT) format

- Bug fix: -resetui was not working.

- Bug fix: Containing text was cutting off text over 1,000 characters.

- Bug fix: French language update.

- Other minor updates/fixes.


6.5 (1324) Bug fix release (21 Nov 2012)

- Bug fix: Some language files missing on portable install version.


6.5 (1323) Bug fix release (15 Nov 2012)

- Bug fix: DOS Expression NOT: now works with File Lists.

- Bug fix: xpdfrc customization settings now accepted with PDF converting.


6.5 (1321) Feature release (9 Nov 2012)

- User interface available in French and German.

- Real-time memory compacting for large searches.

- New export format 'Tab (speadsheet)'.

- Enhanced DOS Expression functionality.

- Improved viewing of HTML based PST/MSG messages.

- Improved crash reporting.

- Other minor updates/fixes.


6.2 (1271) Bug fix release (25 Sep 2012)

- Bug fix: Memory management improvements.

- Bug fix: Improved Unicode searching (especially Chinese characters).


6.2 (1269) Bug fix release (18 Sep 2012)

- Bug fix: Auto-threading and multi-phase search settings not saving properly.

- Bug fix: Improved threading clean-up code.


6.2 (1266) Bug fix release (24 Aug 2012)

- Attachment information now included in MSG/PST message text.

- File name word wrapping in Hits tab for non-content searches.

- Warning if attempt to overwrite Favorite when saving search criteria.

- Improved memory management if failures occur during search.

- Bug fix: CSV export was not working if only file name selected.


6.2 (1263) Bug fix release (14 Aug 2012)

- Bug fix: PST (and other composite type) files with very long names could cause crash in thumbnail view or during drag-drop operation.


6.2 (1260) Bug fix release (7 Aug 2012)

- Crash reporting feature.

- Improved CSV export.

- Bug fix: Text tab now opens at correct position in file.

- Bug fix: Text tab intermittent redrawing issues on x64.

- Bug fix: Intermittent hanging issue when cancelling archive search.

- Other minor updates/fixes.


6.2 (1254) Bug fix release (3 July 2012)

- Bug fix: DOS Expression was not conforming to standard.

- Bug fix: PST attachments now always display long names when available.


6.2 (1252) Feature release (June 29 2012)

- PST email attachment searching.

- MSG searching, including attachments.

- Improved user feedback when extracting from archives.

- Locations filters can specify unique expression type.

- Internal viewer user-defined TAB size.

- Bug fix: Favourites window now remembers column widths.

- Bug fix: File list keyboard sync issue.

- Bug fix: PgUp and PgDwn in Hits View issue.

- Bug fix: Thumbnail view drag/drop sync issue.

- Bug fix: Clear History was not clearing all history.

- Bug fix: Date/time 00:00:00 formatting issue.

- Other minor updates/fixes.


6.0 (1236) Bug fix release (Nov 1 2011)

- Bug fix: Text tab was not working with Outlook PST emails or compressed files.


6.0 (1235) Bug fix release (Oct 28 2011)

- Portable installer available to install on USB drives or other locations without requiring Administrator privileges.

- Bug fix: Containing text field no longer limited to 1024 characters.

- Bug fix: Column widths can be set much larger and still remembered on re-start.


6.0 (1234) Bug fix release (Sep 30 2011)

- List view synchronized with selection changes in Text tab.

- Bug fix: Ctrl+A not working properly in Text tab.

- Bug fix: Changes to Expert user selection were not being saved.

- Bug fix: Corrupt zip files could cause crash.

- Other minor updates/fixes.


6.0 (1230) Bug fix release (July 18 2011)

- Bug fix: Internal Viewer secondary search formatting issues.


6.0 (1228) Bug fix release (July 08 2011)

- Bug fix: Syntax highlighing issues with some languages (inc. VB, Fortran, RC files).

- Bug fix: Internal viewer could hang with very large lines.

- Other minor updates/fixes.


6.0 (1227) Bug fix release (June 29 2011)

- Option to switch off tab taskbar previews (Win 7).

- Changed internal viewer default to open in new tab (set in Configuration->Default Editor).

- Improved error checking for invalid XSLT files.

- Bug fix: Occasional problem with office documents displaying inconsistent results.

- Bug fix: Locked or invalid office documents causing problem with Text tab.

- Other minor updates/fixes.


6.0 (1225) Bug fix release (June 15 2011)

- Drag folders to Look In field for searching.

- Semi-colons accepted for folder names when quoted.

- Bug fix: Memory leak viewing very large files in Text Tab.

- Bug fix: File List focus bug when switching between tabs.

- Other minor updates/fixes.


6.0 (1221) Bug fix release (May 27 2011)

- Shell compatibility with 32-bit apps running on 64-bit Windows.

- Slight change to default UI scheme.

- Bug fix: Icons not alway loading properly with WinXP.

- Bug fix: Labels cut off with higher DPI settings.

- Bug fix: Check for updates falsely reporting update available.

- Bug fix: Folder browsing issue with Vista.


6.0 (1217) Major release (May 20 2011)

- New Favorites feature

- New Text/Image preview in Contents View

- New Tabbed Searching user interface

- New Persistent Search Filters feature

- Source code syntax highlighting in Internal Viewer

- Hit Count column in File List view

- User Interface customization

- Vista/Win7 specific features

- Other improvements/bug fixes


5.6 (1106) Bug fix release (Jan 26 2011)

- New 'Strictly conforming' option for DOS expressions.

- Faster icon loading.


5.6 (1105) Bug fix release (Jan 20 2011)

- Bug fix: Boolean Regex now works with file lists.

- Bug fix: Delay loading of icons more resilient to badly behaved icon handlers.


5.6 (1104) Bug fix release (Jan 19 2011)

- Delay loading of file icons for improved UI performance.

- Bug fix: Searching ANSI characters above the 0x7f range now using system locale.

- Bug fix: Issue with XML export of very large lines fixed.


5.6 (1102) Bug fix release (Dec 05 2010)

- Improved DOS Expression handling.

- Bug fix: Problem with anti-virus products sometimes locking ZIP extracted files fixed.

- Bug fix: Problem with searching open Office docs fixed.

- Other minor fixes.


5.6 (1089) Bug fix release (Sep 08 2010)

- Drive listing adheres to NoDrives GroupPolicy setting.

- Outlook searching now supports OST files.

- 64-bit MSI database available.

- Bug fix: Toolbar/Status bar visibility settings now remembered.

- Bug fix: -ma -mb switches weren't accepting valid date/time values.


5.6 (1082) Bug fix release (Aug 18 2010)

- Improved searching for MS Office 2007/2010 files, e.g. DOCX, XLSX etc.


5.6 (1077) Feature release (July 15 2010)

- New NEAR Boolean operator for proximity searching.

- New LIKE Boolean operator for matching similar search terms.

- Improved error messages on expression compilation failures.

- Improved performance when displaying results for files on network drive.

- Bug fix: Boolean operator precedence issues.

- Bug fix: PST searching issue with PST files over 2GB in size.

- Bug fix: Right-click menu crash when SnagIt installed.

- Other tweaks/minor bug fixes.


5.5 (1067) Bug fix release (June 11 2010)

- New DOS Expression characters < and > to match beginning and end of name.

- Improved Compressed Doc Interpreter to read extra information, such as VBA macros.

- Bug fix: Date/time issues if user settings different from system wide settings.


5.5 (1061) Bug fix release (June 3 2010)

- Installer has a new USB Drive installation option.

- Configuration and log file folders now default to a location within AppData for non-USB Drive installations.

- Bug fix: 'Required resource was unavailable' error on expression help.


5.5 (1055) Bug fix release (May 25 2010)

- Bug fix: Context menu wasn't working properly on Vista and Windows 7 with some anti-virus products.


5.5 (1054) Bug fix release (May 17 2010)

- Improved shell extension stability.

- Improved cut feedback behaviour.

- Bug fix: Send To menu wasn't always working with Vista and Windows 7.

- Bug fix: Window positioning now allows negative coordinates on start-up.

- Bug Fix: Focus issue with Ctrl + A on file list.

- Bug fix: Crash in Basic view if search with containing text checked but no text entered.

- Bug fix: Wizard labels needed resizing.

- Other tweaks/minor bug fixes.


5.5 (1044) Feature release (Feb 26 2010)

- Outlook PST file searching support.

- Added Create and Last Access date criteria.

- Improved ZIP searching efficiency.

- Bug fix: Toolbar repainting issue.

- Bug fix: Occasional hanging with Explorer shell extension.

- Other tweaks/minor bug fixes.


5.2 (1037) Bug fix release (Jan 29 2010)

- Contents view can now be navigated with keyboard.

- Auto thread configuration on multi-core machines.

- Sub-expression options moved back to main tab.

- Improved UTF-8 speed.

- Check for new version functionality (off by default).

- New command line option -viewfile to open file in internal viewer.

- Bug fix: Problem using location filters with zip files at root.

- Bug fix: Statistics sometimes incorrect.

- Bug fix: Tab while renaming file issues.

- Bug fix: Corrupt PDF files causing unwanted message boxes.

- Other tweaks/minor bug fixes.


5.2 (1025) Bug fix release (Oct 29 2009)

- Speed improvement on single phase searches.

- Significant memory management improvements on very large searches.

- Allows UTF8 default format for UTF8 files without BOM.

- Bug fix: Rename on mouse select wasn't working.

- Bug fix: Crash with Nino Copy Path shell extension.

- Bug fix: Multiple folder dialog added invalid items.

- Bug fix: Date/time issues.

- Other tweaks/minor bug fixes.


5.2 (1010) Feature release (Oct 6 2009)

- New Boolean Sub Expressions functionality [more].

- New File Lists functionality for loading keywords from file [more].

- Regex speed improvements.

- Improved native handling of compressed doc formats, e.g. DOCX, XLSX, ODS etc.

- Drop down list behaviour fixes.

- Bug fix: Very long lines weren't drawn.

- Bug fix: Unicode problems in Zip files.

- Bug fix: Problems exporting custom format to clipboard.

- Bug fix: Date/time rounding issues.

- Other tweaks/minor bug fixes.


5.1 (981) Bug fix release (Jul 2 2009)

- New Whole Word expression type (Exact Match behaviour reverted to original).

- Improved loading times.

- Variable line number widths.

- Shell ext bitmap transparent sections.

- Bug fix: Calendar control oversized on Vista.

- Bug fix: Crash on Tab key in contents view.

- Bug fix: Crash on Print Preview.


5.1 (975) Feature release (June 26 2009)

- Using XP/Vista visual styles.

- New Boolean RegEx hybrid expression type.

- Simplified regex wizard.

- Exact match limits to whole word only.

- Search statistics.

- Improved memory management on very large (TB) searches.

- Bug fix: IFilter loading issue.

- Bug fix: -mb command line switch.

- Other tweaks/minor bug fixes.


5.0 (948) Bug fix release (Apr 9 2009)

- Bug fix: Crash on very long path names.

- Bug fix: Rename not working on folders.

- Bug fix: Containing text check box not working in Basic Search.

- Bug fix: Date/Time parsing issues.

- Enhancement: Added resilience for bad/protected compressed files.


5.0 (941) Bug fix release (Mar 20 2009)

- Bug fix: Crash when opening file in Internal Viewer on a non-content search.


5.0 (939) Major release (Mar 16 2009)

- Automatic document format management

- Radically improved Internal Viewer [more]

- Support for relative date/times [more]

- Unicode support [more]

- MSI Installer

- File hash search (MD5,SHA-1/256/512)

- Additional formats: DMG, HFS, MSI, RPM, UDF, XAR, Z

- Core searching routine improvements.

- Additional configuration options

- Other improvements/bug fixes


4.5 (842) Bug fix release (Oct 22 2008)

- Bug fix: Ctrl+F, F3 Explorer integration now working on Vista.

- Bug fix: Removed use of boost_interprocess temp folder.


4.5 (840) Bug fix release (Oct 7 2008)

- Bug fix: Occasional program hang with multi-threaded searches.


4.5 (834) Bug fix release (Sep 2 2008)

- Bug fix: Crash when right-clicking on thousands of files.

- Bug fix: Scroll wheel not working on contents view.

- Bug fix: Vista privilege escalation issue with Shell Integration options.

- Minor enhancements.


4.5 (828) Bug fix release (July 10 2008)

- Reverted to older ComCtl version, due to problems selecting multiple files with the mouse.


4.5 (826) Bug fix release (June 18 2008)

- Bug fix: Text sometimes clipped when using ClearType.

- Enhancement: Extra space for date time fields.


4.5 (824) Bug fix release (June 10 2008)

- Bug fix: Floppy drive constantly spinning issue.


4.5 (821) Major release (June 03 2008)

- Improved Vista support

- Run from USB Key

- Network drives listed

- Location filters [more]

- Location file lists [more]

- Location macros [more]

- My Documents shell extension

- Additional format: WIM

- Minor bug fixes


4.0 (787) Bug fix release (Dec 02 2007)

- BugFix: Drag to CD

- BugFix: Additional error checking


4.0 (775) Bug fix release (Aug 30 2007)

- BugFix: Installation issues


4.0 (774) Bug fix release (Apr 10 2007)

- BugFix: Some IFilters not found due to alternative registration (inc. WordPerfect).

- BugFix: Search within search not clearing file list.

- BugFix: Copy Path not putting files in correct sort order.


4.0 (772) Bug fix release (Apr 04 2007)

- BugFix: HotKey monitor crashes on Vista.


4.0 (771) Bug fix release (Mar 30 2007)

- BugFix: Invalid reg code crashes application.

- BugFix: Redraw issues when moving or resizing columns in FileList View.

- BugFix: Search Criteria dialogs not opening correctly if location invalid.

- Moved to an updated version of C++ compiler and framework.


4.0 (758) Bug fix release (Mar 7 2007)

- XML and HTML output now in UTF-8 format.

- Optimized -o searches for -ocn flag.

- Agressive memory management with -o searches to improve searching of very large drives.

- User configurable maximum lines per file (defaults to 10,000).

- BugFix: Locked files appearing but not searched.

- BugFix: -pc flag not working on -o searches.

- BugFix: Multiple threads on -o searches corrupting output.


4.0 (754) Bug fix release (Feb 26 2007)

- BugFix: CPIO, DEB, GZ extensions.

- BugFix: Excluding file names in LookIn edit box.

- Changes for new 5 year reg codes.


4.0 (746) Bug fix release (Feb 08 2007)

- BugFix: Unable to handle IFilters that have registry information marked as Read-only.


4.0 (735) Major Release (Feb 01 2007)

File types:

- New supported file types: 7-Zip, ARJ, Bzip, CHM, CPIO, DEB, GZIP, ISO, LZH, NSIS, TAR

- IFilter support, extends supported types to: Open Office, Word Perfect, and hundreds more


- Boolean search spanning whole file (not just line by line).

- Exclude folders list.

- Search within search (limits search to files found in previous search).

- Attribute searching (e.g. Folder, Hidden, Read-only etc).

- Pause/Resume search.

- User configurable Alerts/Notifications when files found and/or search finishes.

- Much better user configuration dialogs.

- User configuration moved out of registry to XML files.

- XSL Transform support for saving results in user configurable format (requires Win XP or MS XML Core Services).


- Dual/Quad core optimizations (user-configurable number of search threads).

- Core searching routine improvements.

- Perl style regular expressions (Boost library) 2x faster.

Other features/fixes:

- 'Look in' expression handling improvements.

- Shell context menu improvements including 'Send To' and 'Open With' bug fixes.

- Shell extension can launch search on specific files instead of whole folder.

- 'Look in' now accepts paths of individual files not just folders.

- Title bar displays search progress during search.

- Log file rotations (stops log files from exceeding 100k).

- -r command line option to start search immediately.

- -dw command line option to search current working directory.

- Process priority settings.

- Extensions can now be run in Safe Mode to prevent them crashing main application.

- Tab order optimization, with option to restore to standard Left-Right order.


3.1.1 (640) Bug fix release (Apr 20 2006)

- Redraw crash following file Cut fixed

- MS Office searching improvements (supports DOC/XLS/PPT)

- Other minor enhancements and bug fixes


3.1 (638) Usability Release (Mar 22 2006)

- Enhanced shell functionality (Rename, Cut, Shift+Delete, Right-click drag etc.)

- Ability to hide contents view (useful when searching large files)

- Option to show end of file path if full path won't fit

- Other minor enhancements and bug fixes


3.0 (609) Major Release (Aug 17 2005)

- Boolean searches (e.g. AND, OR, NOT)

- Perl regexp support (via Boost library)

- Search navigation (similar to Internet browser navigation)

- HotKey support (Win+Alt+F)

- Improved User Interface

- Multiple highlights on same line

- Visual Studio.NET as external editor option

- Many minor enhancements and bug fixes


2.0.2 (527) Bug fix release (Sep 18 2004)

- Installation now checks registration expiration before the install begins

- Minor fix on conflicting hot keys


2.0.2 (526) Bug fix release (Sep 1 2004)

- Context menu handling handles badly behaved entries better.

- Two additional scripts in Sample Scripts folder showing how to do a 'NOT' and use JScript regular expressions


2.0.2 (521) Bug fix release (May 28 2004)

- Fixed problem with context menu opening folders

- Added -oc command line switch to control 'Save Contents' option


2.0.2 (516) Bug fix release (Mar 25 2004)

- Double click problem with Win98

- Installation now no longer clears previous history


2.0.2 (515) Bug fix release (Mar 3 2004)

- RAR Interpreter added

- Word Doc interpreter added (switched off by default)

- Minor improvements


2.0.2 (510) Bug fix release (Feb 13 2004)

- Zip functionality within WinXP speed fix.

- Folder 'disappearing' bug fix.

- Results output double spacing lines fix.

- Installation now forces overwrite of prior install.


2.0.2 (508) Enhancement release (Jan 31 2004)

- Full row select on file list.

- Tool tip completion if file information not completely displayed.

- Registration code modification.


2.0.1 (494) Enhancement release (Oct 8 2003)

- Auto complete on folder drop down.

- Save surrounding lines option.

- HTML export results.

- Log files written to logs sub folder.

- Improved DOS expression support.

- Fixed Contents View bug.

- Fixed time not remembered in Advanced tab bug.

- Installation now no longer overwrites history.


2.0 (482) Various minor build updates (to Jul 16 2003)

- Convert 8 bit chars to 7 bit chars option added.
- Contents resync problem following file delete.
- Registration/installation requirements simplified.
- Internal viewer not loading files correctly.
- CAB support added.
- File list sorting issue.
- Problem with badly formed ZIP files.
- Escaping special characters when regexp NOT used in containing text.
- Multi-threaded synchronization issues in progress notification code.
- PDF searching not working on certain long name locations.
- 'Look in' combo only retrieving 260 chars of previous searches.
- Command line loading of search parms with -o switch problem.
- Password protected ZIP entries causing problems.
- Last search DOS Expression not retained correctly after reload.
- Error if found expression exceeds 5,000 characters.


2.0 (446) FileLocator Pro Released (Apr 8th 2003)


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