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FileLocator Lite - Free File Searching Utility


Finding files that other search engines miss.


FileLocator Lite is a free reduced functionality version of FileLocator Pro. It is free for both personal and commercial use.


FileLocator Lite 2016


FileLocator Lite is a rebranding of Agent Ransack for corporate environments. It has exactly the same functionality but with a different name and logo.


It includes these powerful features:


Immediate results   Found text is shown with highlighted keywords so you don't need to waste time opening each file looking for the right information.
Boolean expressions   Combine search terms using the familiar Boolean operators AND, OR, NOT.
Office formats   Support for popular Office formats including Office 2010 and OpenOffice.
Perl regex   Support for Perl compatible regular expressions.
64-bit Version   Natively compiled 64-bit version for improved compatibility.
Fast searching   Highly efficient search algorithms mean that you spend less time waiting for results.
Printing and Exporting   Results can be shared with others through reports, printing and exporting.




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