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Agent Ransack/FileLocator Lite - Version History


2016 (867) Minor release (2 Mar 2017)

- Moved to SHA-256 code signing

- Various minor bug fixes.


2016 (865) Minor release (19 Oct 2016)

- Bug fix: Fixes in French translation

- Bug fix: Crash when changing criteria type during search.

- Bug fix: Rare crash when search had finished.


2016 (864) Minor release (10 Oct 2016)

- Improvements to French translation

- Bug fix: Invalid context menu entry

- Bug fix: Registration code expiration issue


2016 (863) Bug fix release (13 Sep 2016)

- Bug fix: Registration code issue


2016 (862) Major release (13 Sep 2016)
Full Release Announcement


- Tabbed Searching

- Keyword color highlighting

- Search warnings/errors

- Search threads monitoring window

- Boolean support on File Name criteria

- Full IFilter support

- Agent Ransack icon that works well for dark backgrounds

- Exclude folders

- Faster searching

- UTF-8 auto detection

- Improved date/time parsing

- Bug fix: Installation issues

- Many other improvements and bug fixes


2014 (828) Bug fix release (Nov 24 2014)

- Bug fix: Include file name in content searching could not be switched OFF.


2014 (825) Bug fix release (Sep 14 2014)

- Bug fix: Accepting single-quotes in XML UTF declaration.


2014 (822) Bug fix release (Jun 23 2014)

- Bug fix: Missing installation file for x64.


2014 (821) Bug fix release (Jun 20 2014)

- Search engine upgrade.

- Bug fix: *.* not matching ALL items.

- Bug fix: Browse for folder not including current path.


2014 (820) Bug fix release (Mar 12 2014)

- Bug fix: Installation issues on some computers (installer was leaving just a single InstallIssue.txt file).

- Bug fix: Double-click column header divider to auto size.

- Bug fix: Registration code crash.

- Windows 8.x related minor fixes/improvements.


2014 (819) Bug fix release (Feb 06 2014)

- Bug fix: Closing app when minimized causes problems when re-starting.

- Other minor fixes/improvements.


2014 (816) Bug fix release (Jan 6 2014)

- Browse for folders limit bug.

- Updated help file.


2014 (813) Major release (Dec 20 2013)

- New reporting tab.

- Improved file handling functionality.

- Improved User Interface.

- New crash reporting functionality.

- Enhanced DOS Expression functionality.

- Improved exporting functionality.

- Lots of bug fixes.


2010 (762) Bug fix release (Mar 29 2010)

- Added thread configuration option to switch off multi-threading.

- Fix: Focus issue with Ctrl + A on file list.

- Fix: PDF not working on some machines.

- Fix: Crash in Basic view if search with containing text checked but no text entered.

- Wizard labels needed resizing.


2010 (759) Major release (Mar 15 2010)

- Boolean expressions (AND, OR, NOT).

- Supports popular office formats including Office 2007 and OpenOffice.

- Available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

- 'FileLocator Lite' alternative branding for corporate environments.

- New context menu features, such as Explore Here.

- More robust.

- Modernization of the User Interface.


1.7.3 Bug Fix Release (Mar 3 2003)

- Copy acting as Cut on certain versions of Windows 98 (thanks to Kasauli for reporting bug and testing fix).

- Executable unnecessarily linked against oleacc.dll (Win 95/NT does not install this Active Accessibility support DLL).

- WinXP shell extension bug fix.


1.7.2 Bug Fix Release (Sep 9 2002)

- Expression Wizard bug. Not correctly handling a couple of expression types (reported by Robert McAllester).

- Now using ShellExecuteEx instead of ShellExecute. Fixed inconsistent behaviour with WinNT.

- Fixed problem with saving results to clipboard (reported by Mike Stewart).

- Fixed major memory leak problem.

- Command line '-o' option now streams directly to output file allowing unlimited search result sizes.


1.7.1 Bug Fix Release (Jul 10 2001)

- Fixed bug in non-string command line switches (thanks to Jody Adair for pointing it out).

- Options settings not being remembered, fixed.

- Match case on contents searching not working correctly, fixed.


1.7.0 Enhancement release (Jul 6 2001)

- Ability to search multiple folders.

- Ability to specify Unix (LF) and Mac (CR) as valid EOL markers (accessed through Configuration menu).

- Context menu support for multiple file selections (e.g. copy and delete multiple files).

- Ability to clear drop down list history added.

- No longer filters out foreign characters (i.e. allows anything over ASCII 32).

- Installation is now self-contained EXE (sorry it's taken so long).

- Keyboard accelerator problem fixed (e.g. Ctrl + N etc.) and added Ctrl + A for Select All.

- Keyboard shortcuts added for dialogs (e.g. Alt + N for filename).

- More responsive to Cancel Search, especially when searching large files.

- Better validation when restoring Window to saved position and size.

- Better support for font size changes.

- Tab functionality fixed.


1.6.0 Enhancement release (Feb 23 2001)

- Ability to save results (file names and/or contents) to a file or the clipboard.

- Shell extensions. Agent Ransack adds itself to the context menu for folders and the Find menu.

- One Phase Searching option to allow for more efficient contents searching of large drives (disables progress meter).

- Command line parameter to perform search without GUI and output results to a file (AgentRansack.exe -h to see all parms).

- Access to folder denied Stack Fault bug fix (mainly a problem with Network drives).

- Better support for non-English language characters.

- Truncates lines that are over 5,000 characters.

- Supports DOS expression ';' for specifying multiple file names.

- Printing bug fix.

- Minor aesthetic changes.


1.5.0 Enhancement release (Oct 21 2000)

- Highlight found text in user specified color

- Command line parameters

- Ability to switch off regular expression for contents searching

- Better print preview and page numbers

- Supports UNC names

- Ability to specify exclude file names

- Shows folder names

- All fields are now horizontally scrollable

- Fixed "Abnormal program termination" on bad files bug (uncaught exception).

- Use Windows color preferences

- Remember window size, position & font.

- Fix for "Please enter date/time" bug. (Replaced COleDateTime with Chris Sells' CComDATE.)

- Minor aesthetic changes


1.0.2 Minor release (May 21 2000)

- Added support for different Windows font sizes (e.g. Large fonts).

- Added additional file list view columns: Size, Modified, Type.

- Added sort functionality to file list view.

- Added ability to 'Remember' options.

- Fixed interpretation of '&' bug in Contents view.

- Folder drop down speeded up.

- Basic Search Wizard examples reworded.

- Size filter bug fixed.

- Various minor bugs fixed.


1.0.1 Bug fix release (Apr 19 2000)

- Registration code bug fix.

- Error message when listing directory history if not connected to network and history includes a networked drive.

- Did not fully validate search directory name.


1.0 Initial release (Apr 10 2000)


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